1. nfx_12's Avatar
    Woke up to a dead phone. Nexus S 4G. Got it last May, worked great till the upgrade to ICS 4 days back. I was running stock 2.3.7, rooted. Had to go back to unroot, stock and then install ICS. After installing ICS, rooted the phone. Installed back all the apps. No backups done/restored. No issues for first 2 days. Past couple of days, phone rebooted itself once. I had to reboot manually 2-3 times as apps kept on saying "app has stopped".

    Before I went to sleep, phone looked great and battery was around 70%. I tried to check time couple of times during the night and phone would not respond - blank screen with backlit buttons on. Removed battery and installed it again. Phone booted up fine both times. Put it to charge 2nd time and went to sleep. Then morning, phone was in same state - not responding, so reset the battery and tried to start. No response what so ever. Tried to charge with three different chargers. Power+Vol Up buttons to boot...Nothing..Nothing...No response at all...

    What's the next step???????????

    04-15-2012 01:14 PM
  2. lyingfromyou's Avatar
    You Will Need A Cinder Block & A Hammer... But Remember This Will Only Make You Feel Better, Leaves You Nowhere To Go With The Phone.

    Just Kidding! I Would Return To Stock/Unroot, Wipe The SD, & Re-root While Still On GB Before The ICS Update Comes Back Through. The Official ICS Is Boring Anyways, I Would Go With Gummy Or Cyanogen9

    Return To Stock/UnRoot (This Will Wipe Everything)
    04-16-2012 06:09 AM