10-29-2012 05:52 PM
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  1. jtexans's Avatar
    F&*#!!! I'm having the same problem now! The 1st 3-5 days, battery was excellent with only the display killing the battery. Now the Android OS is the battery hog.

    I've removed all Google+ updates and signed out from it. I can't completely delete the app. I'm losing about 10% per hour on standby.

    I also went into Maps and unchecked "Automatic check-ins" and I signed out of Latitude which was also in the Maps app settings.
    04-21-2012 09:07 PM
  2. jtexans's Avatar
    With all the above changes, battery is still pretty bad.
    04-23-2012 11:25 AM
  3. jeffrok's Avatar
    My browser syncing was already disabled.. I'm running stock ICS, and this wasn't happening before ICS.

    My battery was at 75% at 10am, and then at 25% by noon (off charger at 6:10am).. Phone was warm-hot to the touch, and I believe in that 2 hours, something was going kookoo in the OS. Like a process or service was stuck in a loop and killing battery. I'm thinking it's maybe the FB app, as that was opened shortly before 10am.
    04-23-2012 03:35 PM
  4. zpithika's Avatar
    Here is what I'm getting on stock kernel, stock ics 4.0.4 rom

    Sent from my Nexus S 4G
    04-24-2012 03:16 AM
  5. bugz_92's Avatar
    I think everyone should buy watchdog. And set CPU limits on all the apps that they don't trust. It works like a charm, it tells you when apps start going crazy with the CPU in the background. And if gets too high it kills them. That's how I keep g maps in control, with its random starts. Its a must have!
    04-24-2012 08:23 AM
  6. jeffrok's Avatar
    Here's what happened since last night.. I'll try to explain this best:

    Swapped out my dead battery at 10:45pm, so I could use my other fully charged battery for a little while. Did a very small bit of gaming (5 minutes of Words, 5 minutes of Draw Something, 5 minutes of Scramble With Friends), posted a Facebook update, and plugged my phone into its charger and went to sleep.

    Woke up today, unplugged the phone from the charger at 6:15am, and at 9am looked at it and saw my battery was down to 34%!! 34% from a fresh charge and being unused for almost 3 hours.

    Something is going on here. What thing I thought was maybe my charging system is lying to me.. I know I have issues with the micro-usb connection sometimes (probably common on these because of the stupid location of it).

    I may take the phone in to Sprint (since it's under 1 year old) or Best Buy for a swap (I have Black Tie).. and see if a new phone is any better.
    04-24-2012 12:11 PM
  7. mlief's Avatar
    My battery life has been horrible since the update. As described by others I've had several episodes of the phone getting really hot and draining the battery as well as regular use. I've also had numerous times the phone just restarts spontaneously.

    I even installed chrome browser and tried to dc and sync that was unnecessary (eg Google currents). So far no clear answer but i agree with others that it's likely due to a rogue program or system process running uncontrolled. Either way it really negates one of the best features this phone has over others (eg: HTC EVO etc) - excellent battery life.
    04-24-2012 08:06 PM
  8. jtexans's Avatar
    It's the facebook app.

    Refresh interval: Never.

    Notifications: Inactive.

    Android OS is down to 6% after over 4 hours of usage.

    04-25-2012 01:49 PM
  9. luvsmobile's Avatar
    The only times ive seen issues with my phone is when the browser is synching. goto accounts and sych and disable it and battery life becomes 10x better.

    just my 2 cents
    My wife and I both have a Nexus and turning this off help on both phones!
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    04-27-2012 07:55 AM
  10. flipfone's Avatar
    04-27-2012 08:49 AM
  11. trishkeegs56's Avatar

    Mine showed the same thing, but I got warnings to charge my battery. Like you, it showed I had time left on the battery.
    I'm trying everything. I disabled Google+, un-synced the browser, turned off sports notifications, deleted the White House app(never turns off) and etc. Pretty soon my nexus S 4g will be a dumb phone to save the battery. It's a shame because I really like the system.

    Thanks, Patti
    04-28-2012 12:13 AM
  12. rogneal@yahoo.com's Avatar
    My problem is now resolved. I did a complete wipe of the phone, then gradually loaded apps back. Based on info I found somewhere else, I have not loaded Widgetlocker. Also I have not loaded back Flash player, Battery Indicator Pro, and Folder Organizer. Battery life is back to normal or maybe even better than on GB.
    04-30-2012 09:32 AM
  13. pingcharlie's Avatar
    I uninstalled Facebook and turned off all notifications and syncs. I think Facebook may have been the mail culprit. I am now slowly re installing everything and keeping a close eye on power consumption. So far I went from 7 to 24+ hrs under regular use. I am running stock ICS.
    05-01-2012 12:03 AM
  14. digitalzen's Avatar
    Yeah. Except the phone dies.
    10-29-2012 05:52 PM
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