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    I love the look and feel of the standard ICS Messaging app on my Nexus S. However I am very longwinded and therefore go over the 160 character limit all the time. I use GOSMS to compensate for this problem but I still love the style and unification of the stock messaging app. I was wondering if I could just sideload an APK onto my phone that will allow for splitting longer messages instead of rooting my phone (which I have had bad luck with in the past)? Can I have a link to the APK if this is possible to do?

    04-22-2012 08:12 PM
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    The problem as I understand it is that Nexus development is done on and for GSM which deals with message splitting at the network level as opposed to CDMA which does it at headset level. When developing the CDMA version seems like most (all?) Google apps were simply copied from the GSM ROM and this issue was not considered.

    This was reported to Google but they don't seem too interested or have the time to rectify it - one additional reason I won't pick another Nexus phone in the near future.

    Other than 3rd party apps, there is an ICS ripped messaging app on the market - ICS Messaging - but don't know if it addresses this shortcoming.

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    04-22-2012 10:50 PM