1. v8mustang's Avatar
    I have two friends who have iPhone under same Sprint carrier. As well as I am, obviously. I noticed while having conversation, the text messages would not get through each other quick enough. Either I am getting them slow or I'm sending them out slow?

    Not only the iPhone issue that I'm experiencing here. I'm frustrated that lately my text messages would not go through 100% or it did without my knowledge.

    When I send out a text message, I would receive a message that it failed to send with red triangle/exclamation point, then I have to resend. But I do not want the other end receive same multiple text messages. This is happening to me too frequently lately.

    It happens when I'm on 3G or WiFi, either way. I'm more likely to get this message while on WiFi. If I turn off the WiFi, I send through okay but still get the same message.
    05-02-2012 12:12 PM