1. jimijames's Avatar
    I was trying to shoot a bug on the other side of a window. I set the camera to macro mode and the preview was nicely focused on the bug. However, when I took the picture, the camera autofocused out to infinity and I ended up with a nice shot of the parking lot and blurry bug. I tried to also hold down the shutter button and force the autofocus to pick the bug, but no dice.

    I've noticed this trying to shoot a lone berry on a tree branch... nice preview, but the damn thing autofocus's out to infinity as soon as I take the pic. It doesn't seem to matter what mode I'm in. Macro mode with a close background works fine. Is this a limitation of autofocus camera phones or an android issue? Or is my particular phone at fault?
    06-15-2012 10:21 AM