1. its_miller_time's Avatar
    So, here I am...with a nice HTC Evo Design 4G (and it's nice, don't get me wrong), but I really miss my Nexus S 4G. I had one last year and sold it in January to get an iPhone 4S (which I had for all of a week) and returned it for an EVO Design.

    I know where is the GNexus out now (which I can't afford), so I was gonna get one off of eBay for relative cheap (70.00) and sell my Design for around 120 or so. Hey a nice profit.

    Would you guys do it?

    I just miss plain android and sense blows. It really does. I see there are 4.1 ports out for the NS4G and now it's also AOSP now which means we should def get Jelly Bean.

    What do you guys think?
    07-04-2012 04:17 PM
  2. Paul627g's Avatar
    Jelly bean should be officially supported. It may take a while coming from Sprint but there is always custom ROMs which once official Jelly Bean source is dropped should be right around the corner for rooted devices.
    07-04-2012 10:28 PM