1. brettnussb's Avatar
    Once I updated to ICS sandwich a few months ago, I've had an issue with various numbers in my phonebook where the name associated it will now show up. It just shows the number and no name.

    Sometimes it takes my phone to ring for 10-15 seconds of just showing the number and then will eventually show the name. Anyone else experience this?
    08-01-2012 03:18 PM
  2. danisnotstan's Avatar
    Yes, I ignored a call from my wife because it didn't say her name while the phone was ringing but it did show her name on the missed calls list.
    08-04-2012 03:22 AM
  3. Polish Prince's Avatar
    Same issue here, but I think it may be due to the large amount of contacts I have.

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    08-05-2012 03:36 PM
  4. SportyJr's Avatar
    Any way to customize caller ID screen on GS3 ? The name and number cover almost half of my pic on pic ID when I recieve a call.
    08-09-2012 07:50 PM