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    So by now your ready for Jelly Bean right? I know you are.. You've heard all the talk and this project butter right? This is just a handy guide to help make sure you get your update the easiest and most painless way possible.


    This is for those of you who haven't gone to the dark side and rooted your device Follow these tips below and you should have a painless update to JellyBean 4.1.x when it becomes available.[/INFO]

    Before you begin any update there are always a few things you can do to protect yourself from some important data loss.

    • Contacts, Contacts>Menu Button>Export Contacts to file. Basically an extra backup of your contacts in the event Google's sync misses something. It will backup to your sdcard location and then you can pull it from there and place it on your computer for safe keeping. Importing your contacts back is the same routine, just choose IMPORT instead of EXPORT.

    • Text Messages, grab SMS Backup & Restore from the Google Play Store. Great app, its free and it will backup your texts to sdcard or online storage and then you can restore (selectively if need be) in case something goes wrong.

    • Applications & Personal Settings, Settings>Backup & Reset. Make sure you have the check box selected to backup your data to Google. This way it insures your basic personal settings and apps downloaded (free apps) will redownload in the event something goes wrong. Your paid apps can be manually downloaded if something happens too, either by Play Store on your phone or the easier way go to Google Play Store online via computer and log into your account and select the most recent apps on your device and select to download them again.

    • Last, make sure all important emails and 3rd party app data is saved/sync'd/exported if they have the option built into the apps to do so.

    • You must be on the most current Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. You can check this by going into your Settings>About Phone> Look down near the bottom Android Version. If you have been stubborn and hanging out on Gingerbread and denying the OTA update notifications then now is the time to allow the update or force it by going in Settings>About Phone>Sprint System Updates

    • Final make sure you have a full battery when you accept the OTA update! Not going to tell you how many people fail an update because they were in a hurry to accept it with only 10% battery left

    [INFO]Rooted, How to Unroot/Restore to Stock

    This area I won't go into a lot of detail on, we already have a good guide on unrooting/restoring to factory stock. Although there is some options aside from the above mentioned options to backup your information.[/INFO]

    • MyBackup/Titanium Backup, using either one of these is a good option if your returning to stock/unrooted to accept the OTA update with the possibility of rooting again down the road and want to get your old stuff back. Make your backups with either application and then pull the the file directories off your device and throw them on your computer for safe keeping. MyBackup is saved under sdcard>reware and Titanium is saved under sdcard>TitaniumBackup. In the future once you root again you can redownload the app you used to perform your backups, install it and then pull these folders back into your device to restore you old apps & data. Caution like always should be taken when pulling in applications from one version of OS to another, sometimes they don't play nice so we recommend usually DATA restores only.

    • Make your Nandroid//TWRP Backup just incase you want to return to this point in time. Again you can pull these files from your sdcard for later use in the event you don't like JB and want to go back to your old ICS/GB setups.

    • Make sure you have everything double checked, once you unroot/restore back to stock using the guides provided you will loose your important data, apps, etc... SDCARD contents normally remain untouched when flashing the stock images to unroot but still take the time to backup anything you want from your sdcard.

    • Ready to get started on unrooting/restoring to stock? Check out this guide below.. You can restore to Gingerbread v2.3.4 and take the OTA updates back up to ICS 4.0.4 or there is an alternative package provided by a member to go straight to official ICS 4.0.4.
      [GUIDE] Restore to Stock/Unroot for the Nexus S 4g

    [INFO]Optional Manual Update via Stock Recovery (When available)[/INFO]
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    Mine too just in case...
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    Is it possible for me to flash the stock recovery so I can still install the update when available without losing root? (so I don't lose none of my data and don't have to use my computer to hold my data)

    BTW I have Clockworkmod recovery (I don't remember which verison I have)
    09-05-2012 04:08 PM
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    Is it possible for me to flash the stock recovery so I can still install the update when available without losing root? (so I don't lose none of my data and don't have to use my computer to hold my data)

    BTW I have Clockworkmod recovery (I don't remember which verison I have)
    Yes you can flash the stock recovery image using fastboot & a computer if you download it from Google's Factory Images page. Problem is you will loose root when you accept the OTA update if it does indeed take (flash/install).

    Your best bet is if your already rooted to wait a few days and someone will have a stock build available to flash built off the official update.
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    09-05-2012 05:32 PM
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    So true Paul. I'm rooted so I'll just wait until someone roots the stock version.

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    When I accepted the ota for ics I didn't lose root it was just disabled and I backed up my stock ics so I can just restore that and accept the ota

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