1. skinneejay's Avatar
    I was wondering if anyone else is having trouble with beautiful Widgets sticking after a reset. This is on the stock jelly bean. I can't figure out what is going on.

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    09-16-2012 08:36 PM
  2. Zstephen's Avatar
    This happens to me as well, it's a problem on all jb Rom's, I've read it happening with other widgets, but it's a known problem with beautiful widgets, they claimed to be totally revamping the app in coming weeks

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    09-16-2012 08:44 PM
  3. skinneejay's Avatar
    That's good to know.

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    09-16-2012 09:03 PM
  4. MacGuyInNC's Avatar
    Sorry to drag up an old thread, but this appears to be a common issue on Jelly Bean. Launch-X Pro does this to me, as do BW and Doggcatcher.

    Someone suggested that it has something to do with paid apps, but I'm not sure how much credibility I'll give that suggestion.
    10-24-2012 10:40 PM
  5. Kelly Kearns's Avatar
    Well I got a Galaxy S3 today and I can't get the widget to stick. Anyone have any ideas or seen any fixes?
    11-26-2012 07:01 PM
  6. Kelly Kearns's Avatar
    Nevermind..I couldn't get any apps to stick and finally figured out I had to tap the "apps" icon and then go to widgets and then add from there.
    11-26-2012 09:31 PM
  7. dkpike's Avatar
    My BW just automatically "updated" (multiple times) within the last couple of days on my Nexus S 4G running 4.1.1
    It is awful! If I turn the phone off, and then back on, my widgets are gone - clock and weather and all the toggles that I regularly used. The widget for Airplane mode has no effect. I've tried uninstalling BW and reinstalling - didn't help. I would gladly revert to the older version if I could.
    12-06-2012 02:42 PM
  8. lyingfromyou's Avatar
    I was having the same issue with Hd Widgets... Root those things! I'm running a 4.1.2 rom "Provision" and no issues here.
    12-07-2012 06:25 AM

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