1. gijoecam's Avatar
    Just curious... When clicking on a link in my email (yahoo) it used to give me the option of which browser I wanted to use to open it, then a choice of 'Just once' or 'Always'. A couple weeks ago, I clicked on 'Always', but I can't seem to figure out how (if?) I might change that choice? I'm sure there's a way, but I haven't found it yet....

    10-23-2012 03:27 PM
  2. hlxanthus's Avatar
    Try going to settings>manage apps>browser>clear defaults
    10-23-2012 05:05 PM
  3. gijoecam's Avatar
    Got it! Thanks a million!
    10-23-2012 05:33 PM
  4. 6tr6tr's Avatar
    Try going to settings>manage apps>browser>clear defaults
    That's something that I've never understood and bugs me. Why are the default choices/settings in specific apps? Shouldn't there be a page in settings that aggregates all the default choices? It would make it much easier to figure out. Particularly because many apps don't make it clear - for example location/navigation/places are all one app despite having different icons.
    10-24-2012 05:51 PM

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