1. skvidal's Avatar
    Do we know if the nexus s/4g is carrier-locked?

    Would be it possible to buy the nexus s 4g for $199 fork over the $250 early termination fee and take the phone to virgin mobile? I know virgin doesn't get the 4g speeds but I'm unlikely to get them anyway.
    03-22-2011 12:15 AM
  2. nelsonj3's Avatar
    I don't think so. The phone may be unlocked, but according to Wikipedia (so take it with a grain of salt) Virgin Mobile is locked to only their phones. I can understand why, since Sprint owns them it would not be to Sprint's interest to have a cheap alternative that is compatible with their phones. (Basically, they don't want us to do exactly what you and I were both planning.)
    05-13-2011 10:48 PM