10-06-2011 04:24 PM
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  1. 49funky's Avatar
    I know there are other threads about switching from WebOS, but it looks like for quite a LOT of us who are still using the PRE because we were holding out for the right phone to come out on Sprint will switching to the Nexus S4g.

    I know I am really going to miss WebOS, and even though I have played with Android some, I likely will find more things that I miss about WebOS as I play with my Nexus S4G in the first few weeks.

    I figured we need a thread where those of us making the switch can talk about how to customize Android to our WebOS liking.

    Specifically, I know I am going to miss -

    Swiping to switch between apps
    Swiping to delete things
    The way WebOS handles notifications
    The way the phone integrates Facebook and Google into contacts and calendar
    05-02-2011 11:19 PM
  2. maryinredding's Avatar
    This is great. I have wanted a thread about us Pre users switching to android. I really like my Palm but I think I am ready for a change. The app store hasn't had very much to offer since HP took it over and there is so much in the Android store. Can't wait.
    05-03-2011 01:27 AM
  3. maryinredding's Avatar
    I have been going through the Android Market and picked out some of things that I had on my Pre. There is so much to choose from and so far all are free. What a great market!
    05-03-2011 01:35 AM
  4. Srycantthnkof1's Avatar
    Even after putting webos 2.1 on my pre - it doesn't change the fact that its still obsolete and HP/Palm would rather release a POS veer on a network no sane webos user is still on. I'm tired of waiting and tired of phone envy

    Now for us webos users there is this guide that is linked on jp22382's post below that specifically is directed at webos users defecting to android and the positives and negatives. The biggest thing for me will be the ease of operation. I don't care what anyone says webos just gets things done fast... thats what I'll miss the most.
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    05-03-2011 01:44 AM
  5. maryinredding's Avatar
    I can't get your "this guide" to open.
    05-03-2011 01:52 AM
  6. Thrasherx2k1's Avatar
    Android will never be as good as webOS. But the fact that its app store is huge and the devices are sexy as hell is the reason why I am making the switch from my Pre to the Nexus. The Palm app store is a absolute joke with apps getting little to no updates. Features I will miss on my Pre the most is the touchstone charger and the awesome notification light and notification system. O ya and CARDS!
    05-03-2011 03:18 AM
  7. dbtabasco's Avatar
    I'm a little sad to be so sad about my pre, I still love webos but one of the reasons I loved it was updates. I loved the feeling of knowing something new is coming or this thing got tweaked. That, I think, is why I am going for the Nexus S. I'm excited to get updates direct from google, besides I'm a google fan boy anyway.
    05-03-2011 03:42 AM
  8. jp22382's Avatar
    I've had a Sprint Pre since launch. Hacked, overlocked, running 2.1, etc.

    The Nexus is the best Android option for me, really want the stock experience and have the ability to tweak it to my needs. Guaranteed updates don't hurt either

    I can't get your "this guide" to open.
    Assume it was intended to be:

    Pretty good guide. I've been hunting around the market.

    Found a couple gesture apps that I might try out.

    zMooth (requires root):

    05-03-2011 04:15 AM
  9. eddieras's Avatar
    Hello, my name is Ed and I am a Palm Pre owner - from launch.

    i too will miss swiping, cards and esp the touchstone - but it's time for closure and to move on for me.
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    05-03-2011 07:08 AM
  10. corolla90's Avatar
    Hey all,

    Another original Sprint Pre- owner coming over to Android. I did try out the EVO 4G for 30 days back in January. I obviously went back to my Pre, but I'm looking very forward to the Nexus S 4G form factor, vanilla Android, and the more and more and more apps available on Android. Only thing I'm really going to miss about webOS is, I suppose, its polish, but mainly the card system and how it works with multitasking. Just can't beat how convenient it is.

    I also did hack and overclock my Pre, installing patches and running uberkernal and 500/1 via Govnah. I will have to learn more about "rooting" so I can maximize the experience here, too!
    05-03-2011 07:21 AM
  11. markinbright's Avatar
    I'm amazed at how many Pre owners are on Android Central getting ready to make a switch. I have a Touchstone in my car, and some days I think I'm going to miss that most of all. And I love flicking open the keyboard to answer calls and shutting it to hang up. And the card-based multi-tasking. The rest I think can be overcome by other Android features, better hardware, etc. WebOS is such a missed opportunity. There's always the hope that in a year they'll be doing better and I can consider returning.
    05-03-2011 07:25 AM
  12. Kloneicle's Avatar
    I'm going to miss the full synergy with everything contact related. Yes the Android has google integration, but thats not all there is. I have to GET a SEPERATE APP just for AIM, and theres no way to intergrate that into the contacts app.

    Universal search is still just requires pre-configuring.

    Cards, I suppose I could do without, but things will get more complicated.

    Gestures, its just learning a new phone but they will be missed. Everything was soo quick to preform.

    All in all, this is just a interm ride for me to play with while I wait for another webos expierence to come out. But all and all, I will likly end up staying due to the app size factor. Stock Android is all I would ever do, I won't touch Sense or TouchWiz with a 10ft Poll.

    Here's to hopen. Anyone know how to stop logs from being sent to google heh.
    05-03-2011 09:42 AM
  13. god_trentonj's Avatar
    I'm glad to see I'm in good company. I will also miss features of WebOS, but I will not miss the hardware of my Pre at all (besides maybe the physical keyboard...as wobbly as it is). Even if they announced today that the Pre 3 was coming to Sprint in a month, I still think I would make the jump to the Nexus S. Hopefully some day webos will be cooked a little better an developed and will be worth going back to...
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    05-03-2011 10:15 AM
  14. va2azerik's Avatar
    Add me to the list of leaving my Palm Pre- in the dust. I will miss cards and notifications on WebOs but I just can't take the lack of apps and old hardware anymore. After playing around with my girlfriends HTC MyTouch and browsing the Android Market I was hooked. I think I will really like the Nexus S and Android. My girl downloaded the SPB Shell 3D and I really liked that, then I had too go back to my Pre- but only 4 more days with the Pre-.
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    05-03-2011 10:23 AM
  15. craigwann's Avatar
    I'll miss the cards most of all. Also, just type, but mostly cards. You combine android's app market with webos, and I would never switch. I prob. wouldn't have decided to switch if HP had announced some appealing hardware with a firm release date. I'm still considering getting a touchpad.

    From what I've seen, I don't expect to find a decent card replacement on Android. I think we will just have to live without it.

    I'm glad to see so many Webos fans are making the leap to the Nexus with me. I don't think the Average Android user will ever understand just what we are giving up.
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    05-03-2011 10:23 AM
  16. Srycantthnkof1's Avatar
    I can't get your "this guide" to open.
    My bad I was using my pre to finagle that url haha. It seems we are all sick of the BS of Hp/Palm. We will all be here to help people with the transition so ask away everyone!
    05-03-2011 11:26 AM
  17. alpinejag's Avatar
    I'm switching as well. Cards and the notifications will be what I miss the most. The market is the main thing I'm switching for.
    05-03-2011 11:40 AM
  18. Srycantthnkof1's Avatar
    I will have to learn more about "rooting" so I can maximize the experience here, too!
    For us preware users the ease and addressability to patch our phones is still the best on any OS. Android now has two apps on the marketplace (after rooting) that emulate preware.

    Rom Manager

    Kernel Manager

    And for the nexus S not having blinking notifications you can use...



    BLN Control
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    05-03-2011 12:21 PM
  19. skinneejay's Avatar
    Another launch day pre - user jumping ship on sunday. I just can't take the hardware anymore. I'm running 2.1 overclocked at 1.1. I will miss cards the most. Notifications won't kill me. I just need hardware that works for me. If sprint and HP get around to releasing new hardware I will go back. I just think the nexus S is plenty for me. I don't need dual core and 3D. I know battery life would be horrible on the eve 3D.

    -- Sent from my Palm Pre using Forums
    05-03-2011 12:31 PM
  20. blu8503's Avatar
    I have my launch day Pre- still chugging along here, ready for my NS4G to come out. I am not going to miss webOS at all actually. maybe the cards a tiny bit but I actually believe that it is for almost all the time over kill to have the cards. when i was trying to decide on whether to switch or not I really took a hard look at multitasking on both phones and i think I prefer Android. Notifications I hate on webos mostly due to the small screen and low resolution though. I would get a notification and sometimes it wouldn't pick up I had touched the notification area most likely because I have big thumbs. also why would you have a bar on top and a bar on bottom? notifications and status bar all in one on android makes much more sense to me. anyway, i love webOS and it served me well. I have one thing I will miss. The webOS homebrew community. preware and over clocking and so many wonderful things came from the people who work there asses off to develop things for webOS, and the ease of doing these things was incredible.
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    05-03-2011 01:00 PM
  21. dunivan's Avatar
    I am switching to the Nexus S on sunday, and I think the one thing I will miss is the gesture area. It does seem like a regression to go back to buttons, but at least the phone will work and be of non-questionable quality.

    Plus I'm a big google fan (CR48 even) so I'm pumped.
    05-03-2011 02:01 PM
  22. Dave_N's Avatar
    Another early pre user signing in for the Nexus S 4G and out of the Pre. On my second Pre, battery is shot, keyboard is flaky, major oreo effect, and the ear speaker works intermittently.

    Things I'll miss in order:

    1.) Touchstone.
    Love to drop it there and have it charge while listening to the music.

    2.) Pre homebrew community.

    3.) Synergy.

    Things I'll not miss:

    1.) The hardware.

    On the "waiting list" at a Sprint store (a piece of paper). I wonder what the demand will be at launch? It's high among us enthusiasts, but I wonder what the demand among the general public will be.

    05-03-2011 02:32 PM
  23. craigv's Avatar
    Yet another launch-day Pre- user jumping ship. As much as I like the OS, I have never really liked the slider hardware since you can't get a decent skin or case for it. After about 5 cases and holsters, I've been sporting the original microfiber pouch.

    HP has definitely shot themselves in the foot by waiting so many months to introduce a new OS and device. The app community never took off, either. Look at major players like Evernote who just threw crappy versions of an app at the WebOS just so they had a presence there - no real development ever occured.

    The thing I will miss most is the Synergy. I have two hosted Exchange accounts, a Gmail account, a Facebook account (not used much) and other things that all interconnect flawlessly. I'm not getting a big warm fuzzy feeling moving to Android in that regard.

    Another thing - I also have the Touchstone charger in my car. That will be sorely missed.
    05-03-2011 03:32 PM
  24. maryinredding's Avatar
    I wonder that too. I called a couple of weeks ago to be put on the list. Just called now to make sure I was indeed on the list and I heard the guy ask someone else "is there a list for those Nexus S phones?" Regardless, he too took my name down to save me a couple on launch day.
    05-03-2011 03:43 PM
  25. cdbillups's Avatar
    I spent the day making a list of what I had installed on my Pre and then searching apps in the Android Market that will do the same thing. I'm hoping "Settings Profile" will do everything that "Mode Switcher" currently does. The rest of the apps I use I could take or leave but I'd really miss the functionality of Mode Switcher.
    05-03-2011 04:38 PM
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