1. skinneejay's Avatar
    I searched and couldn't find anything. I just sent my gf and my sister a text message in SMSPro
    that should have been two text messages total in length. When they received them they were all scrambled with charaters and weird numbers. what would be causing this? The program or sprints service?

    I can't figure it out. Everything else works fine.
    05-18-2011 02:35 PM
  2. gabbott's Avatar
    I'm not familiar with SMSPro, but is there an option in the app to automatically split SMS messages that needs to be enabled?
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    05-18-2011 02:47 PM
  3. skinneejay's Avatar
    Never thought about that. Let me take a look.
    05-18-2011 03:03 PM
  4. IXDoubleDXI's Avatar
    I had the same issue last week, when sending my wife a text that broke out to 2 separate texts using Handcent.
    05-18-2011 03:11 PM
  5. skinneejay's Avatar
    that worked. I never thought about having to break the message down. I just assumed it did it for me. There was an option to split messages into more than one if its more than 140 charaters. Thank you for your help.
    05-18-2011 03:24 PM