1. rinkeedink's Avatar
    I read the post about the BMW bluetooth issues, but that seemed more about that specific vehicle pairing. Pairing the Photon on my 2009 Dodge Journey using Uconnect was flawless and easy.

    Uconnect worked flawlessly on my Evo, but the Photon drops the bluetooth connection randomly. It also does not reconnect automatically when I get in range, or if it does reconnect (the bluetooth icon turns blue) it will randomly seem to simply not send the call to Uconnect. Sometimes it does send the call, and sometimes it will drop off after sending it, and I have no audio at all.

    I have reset the phone, paired and unpaired a bunch of times. Bluetooth in the car not working is a dealbreaker for me. Hoping this gets addressed.

    I am concerned this bluetooth connectivity issue is also related to the larger call/audio issues others are experiencing with just normal calls, as I am experiencing those too.

    Don't know if this is related to the general audio bug, but the Photon reset itself today when I had a headset connected listening to Pandora and turned the screen off. Weird.
    08-01-2011 10:31 PM
  2. cheertaylorkidd's Avatar
    My 2012 Dodge Journey And Sprint Motorola Photon Phone Are Having Similar Problems. I Tried To Delete Device To Reconnect It Again And Now I Can Not Pair ANY Device To Uconnect. Hope We Can Find A Solution To This Problem.
    08-05-2013 11:10 AM