1. sirtronics's Avatar
    ok I give up where do I put them to add my own??
    08-05-2011 03:44 PM
  2. treotraveler's Avatar
    ok I give up where do I put them to add my own??
    Use the default File Manager, or Astro, or ES File Explorer and create a folder called Ringtones or Music in the Internal Storage or the SD card. Then put the files in the folder.

    The default file manager will show Internal Phone Storage and SD card. Astro and ES File Explorer will show the internal phone storage as sdcard, and the SD card as sdcard-ext.
    08-05-2011 06:07 PM
  3. stu5797's Avatar
    if you follow those steps do these new ringtones show up when set up a ringtone for text messaging?
    08-06-2011 03:54 AM
  4. photostyle's Avatar
    Mine worked by placing them in a "ringtones" folder under the top-level directory (via usb mass storage).

    A "notifications" folder can also be used non-ringtones, like for text messages.

    I think you may need to reboot the phone after you first create the folders for them to be recognized.
    08-07-2011 08:59 AM
  5. Gator352's Avatar
    I just added a dropbox account (and app to phone/ free 2GB account) and added 2 folders to it called ringtones and notifications. Add all the ringtones you wish to the ringtones folder (can do this on your PC via the dropbox app for windows). When you access dropbox on your phone, tap the ringtone folder, long press the ringtone and a menu will pop up. Select download and it creates all folders and puts it where it needs to go. then goto contacts and select added ringtones for contacts.
    08-08-2011 05:29 PM
  6. VDub2174's Avatar
    This is how I've always set up my folders on my SD card:

    Media > Audio, then within the Audio folder I have 3 seperate folders for Alarms, Notifications, and Ringtones.
    08-09-2011 12:01 PM
  7. milominderbinde's Avatar
    ok I give up where do I put them to add my own??
    Check out the Getting Started section on Setup :

    Ringtones, Alerts, and Alarms
    The Wallpapers, Ringtones, and Themes forum has links to thousands of free ringtones to download.
    Sound files can be mp3, wav, 3gp, ogg, mp4, or m4a.
    Sounds have to be in the right folder. Connect to your PC as a Disk Drive, create the subdirectories as needed, and copy.
    _ Ringtones: /media/audio/ringtones
    _ SMS Alerts: /media/audio/notifications
    _ Alarm Alerts: /media/audio/alarms
    If you are rooted, they may show up under /sdcard/media/audio/
    08-09-2011 12:43 PM