1. jingpang's Avatar
    If I bought the phone on july 31, when I would I be able to return the phone at the latest?
    I know the return policy is 30 days.
    08-29-2011 09:09 AM
  2. mechanismclear's Avatar
    August 30th
    08-29-2011 09:13 AM
  3. jingpang's Avatar
    Just spoke to the rep in the store.
    He told told me today is the last day. 31 will be counted in the 30 day calculation.
    08-29-2011 09:23 AM
  4. wynand32's Avatar
    Huh. Sure seems like it should be August 30, which is 30 days from July 31, not August 29, which is only 29 days from July 31. After all, July 31 isn't 1 day after July 31... That honor belongs to August 1.

    I'd say the Sprint rep is incorrect.

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    08-29-2011 07:12 PM
  5. whatsitsname's Avatar
    The day it was bought is consider day 1.
    08-29-2011 07:41 PM
  6. mgiven's Avatar
    I had figured on July 31st before heading to the store that I'd be leaning toward returning it AROUND today and at least looking at the SGSII and deciding then. Today I know I'm sticking with Motorola and the Photon. It is just ROCK solid in build quality and the perfect size, weight and feel for me as hadware goes. After a month unprotected in pocket it doesn't have a scratch or smudge on it. The phone has never reset once and every call has gone through perfectly. The speaker is loudest I've ever heard. The call clarity is the best I've experienced on any phone. The signal reception is the strongest I've ever had on any phone. The camera is decent and I've gotten some good shots from it. The video is especially strong, even if "only" 720. Love the HDMI out and the ability to hook up to my big living room TV for "mirror phone" mode to watch movies or gaming. One daughter woudln't be able to give up Riptide GP easily and the 6-year old thinks Angry Birds on a HD bigscreen is too cool for words. Also love the ability to download movies on the phone and then play them easily on the living room tv. I'm sure you can do this on many phones with an HDMI out, but it's nice and easy.

    As far as software goes I've grown used to the UI and it's really not as bad a some say. The first thing I did was delete anything bloated, dump all widgets and run off a plain black screen for battery life. I guess this makes it as plain vanilla as possible, but it also means the UI would be the same if I did something similar on Samsung or HTC. LOVE the widget clock mode that becomes available when you take out the kickstand. Perfect for the nightstand and the alarm on the Photon is great. My wife says it's the most pestering/annoying alarm I've had on a phone

    Other "toys" or pluses for the MoPho: The car dock and HD station absolutely rock and coudln't imagine life without them now. I took a long trip (18 hours in the car) with the car dock and it just changed the whole experience. We had my phone in the cradle kept to 100% power and running Sprint navigation, music AND web browsing at the same time the whole trip and still INCREASED power till full and stayed there. Played with default music app, Sirus/XM, MOG, Netflix, Spotify, LastFM and Pandora and all worked well through car dock. Added bonus was the ability to run my wife's Pre- on the extra USB and charge her to 100% and keep it there as well WHILE running all the stuff on mine. The car dock totally changes the "in car" experience.

    The HD Station is sitting on my desk whenever I need an extra computer. I bought a cheap wireless keyboard/mouse for it and it plugs into an extra monitor I have here. The browsing experience is equal to a netbook, but with a full sized keyboard, monitor and display. You won't be doing massive photoshop projects or intense gaming, but it's fine for web browsing, email and light documents which is fine for me. It's also nice to charge the phone in the dock and not have to worry about balancing the kickstand upside down.

    Intangibles that are only a guess: Motorola build quality will mean more longevity over a Samsung phone, Motorola will update more timely than Samsung and especially now with the Google purchase.

    So...sticking with the MoPho
    08-30-2011 10:17 AM
  7. wburbage's Avatar
    I was just on Chat with Sprint and they said the last day I can return the Photon is today. I know the media is all over the SGS2 but the Photon is awesome in it own-right. It looks different than the other Android phones and it performs right up there with the other big guys. I'll be holding onto the Photon till my upgrade comes in another year and see what's out there then.
    08-30-2011 03:59 PM
  8. wynand32's Avatar
    Agreed. I was keeping the thought of returning for the SGSII (way) in the back of my mind as well, and I'm sticking with the Photon. First, a 4.5" screen with 800X480 resolution doesn't appeal (and 4.5" is just too big anyways). Second, the Samsung chip won't be noticeably faster than the Tegra 2, and of course Tegra 2 gaming is awesome. I mean, seriously: how fast do we need smartphones to be, anyways? Third, agreed about the car dock--it's awesome, and light years ahead of the Samsung car dock I used with the Epic. Fourth, the Photon has great _phone_ quality, excellent GPS and Bluetooth, and kind of just works. My experience with my Epic was, shall we say, somewhat different.

    Nope. I'm a happy Photon user. No way I'd return for the SGSII.

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    08-30-2011 07:14 PM
  9. Septiformus's Avatar
    I returned mine at Best Buy today, also got refunded the buyback and insurance.

    The update DID take care of the muted call problem, but in exchange I had text messaging problems, and I was completely missing phone calls with full signal, i would just suddenly got a voicemail.
    08-30-2011 07:28 PM