1. redtooth's Avatar
    Im going to China at the end of Feb. for work. I was wondering if anyone here can give me some tips on how to get my photon working over there? Do I wait till I'm there and buy a sim card? Only going to be there for 7 to 10 days but it would be nice to have my phone working. Thanks for any advice. This will be the first time I have been out of the country with my photon and I would love to take advantage of my first "world phone".
    01-16-2012 06:31 PM
  2. ronald600's Avatar
    The sim card is already in the phone. All you have to do is try and use it and you will automatically connect to the Sprint international network. I would call Sprint before I left the lower 48 to make sure the sim card is activated.
    01-16-2012 07:35 PM
  3. Kbrn's Avatar
    buy a sim card in China, I bet it is cheaper.. cause Sprint is gonna want to charge you an eye and a leg for the international service.. A lot of people know that buying a sim card from the local carriers is cheaper.
    01-16-2012 08:06 PM
  4. coolqf's Avatar
    I was in China for 3 months. Just get a Sim there, they will ask you for your passport. If you want data you have to tell them other wise it will only be minutes and text

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    01-16-2012 09:18 PM
  5. redtooth's Avatar
    Thanks! Now is there anything I need to do once I get the sim card? Or is it just plug and play? Also how much should I expect to pay for a text and talk card?

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    01-17-2012 06:49 PM