1. dorelse's Avatar
    Anyone else get an update notice on their phone about an update to the Phone Portal software from Moto?

    I updated this morning and now everything is run from a browser vs. the old app. Seems to be a decent change, except now I can't access iTunes playlists from it.

    Anyone seeing that?
    02-13-2012 10:16 AM
  2. KSmithInNY's Avatar
    Would you open the app, hit menu, hit settings and post what version you have?

    Mine isn't finding an update and is the same version I've had for a couple months AP4_3.15.19

    Either its staged and im not up or your phone was late to the party
    02-13-2012 02:33 PM
  3. dorelse's Avatar
    Wow...I'm seriously late to the party!


    I use mine everyday, never once saw the update until today...geesh! The whole IP addr etc, etc, never had that...it always launched the old standalone client.

    k, cool!
    02-13-2012 04:07 PM
  4. KSmithInNY's Avatar
    Hey at least now we know
    02-13-2012 04:35 PM
  5. OmarF82's Avatar
    3.15.19 here no update...
    02-14-2012 01:20 AM