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    I really love my Photon but I am up for an upgrade so I might as well use it right? Ha.

    Now... my ideal choice would be the Nexus 4, but the fact that it has no removable storage is a killer for me...well that and the fact we do not have it with Sprint. I have wanted the Galaxy Nexus for a long time but I used to have the Nexus S 4G and the battery was HORRIBLE. My friend has the Galaxy Nexus and said the battery was just as horrible and like the Nexus S 4G it died really quick and took hours and hours to charge. The Photon Q well... although I like my Photon I dont want a phone with a slideout Keyboard because I never used my keyboard sideways. And hey maybe since the Galaxy Nexus is fairly old it might be even cheaper than it is now around February right?

    My requirements are: Decent battery (as great as it is on my Photon 4G, or however you guys view it but I think the battery life is great), and for me to be able to charge my battery fairly quickly when it dies. On my old Nexus S 4G it took like 3-4 hours to fully charge from a dead battery, on my Photon 4G it takes around an hour and a half or so. Battery is a biggie for me and I am not too fond of buying extended batteries though I am not against carrying multiply batteries of the same capacity.

    Camera. This is also important to me. I take alot of pictures and it is one of the reasons I am hesitant on grabbing the Galaxy Nexus. I heard the Galaxy Nexus camera is horrible. I want a good camera comparable to my Photon 4G. Even though the Photon 4G is old it takes great pictures.

    Screen Resolution. I am not very tech savvy but one thing I noticed is that I like the Colors in the Nexus S 4G and the Galaxy Nexus as opposed to the screen on the Motorola Photon 4G. The Screen on our Photons looks bland and almost lifeless....so I would like a decent screen as well.

    Not much for requirements ey? That is all pretty much I want from a phone. I dont really care for upgrades and whatnot but I mean I wouldnt mind a phone with ICS ( I dont even need Jelly Bean) my standards are pretty low but that should make it easier to decide on what to get no?

    Since I know alot of you are way more savvy on phones I ask you guys. Obviously the better the deal for a phone the better, I much rather pay the least amount possible. And does anyone know how Best Buy Mobile works? I noticed they have deals often but what would be the benefits of getting a phone through them or upgrading through them?
    12-28-2012 06:46 PM
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    I switched to the Nexus 4 and I love it. I think you should visit the Nexus 4 board (http://forums.androidcentral.com/google-nexus-4/) and read over there. I'm saving sooooo much money switching from Sprint over to Straight Talk. The savings pay for my phone in about 4 months. My husband wanted to keep his Windows phone with keyboard, so we switched him to Ting and we'll be saving at least $100 per month on our cell service.

    The camera on the Nexus 4 is pretty cool and has some really cool effects. There are pics posted in a sticky thread.

    I'm not a heavy data user, but the battery seems to last me as long as it did on my Photon. I can easily get 12+ hours out of it. I also don't have tons of music or moves to eat up the storage, so that was not an issue for me either.

    I purchased my Photon thru Best Buy. I like going thru them better than Sprint as it's easier to get service (can go to any BB store) and they do have a buy back program. When my Photon bricked last August, I took it back to them and they gave me a brand new Photon. They couldn't send it in for repair, so I had my choice of phones to replace it and I chose another Photon (I had also checked their inventory online before I went to that store to make sure they had them).
    12-30-2012 09:52 PM
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    I went from a photon to the Samsung galaxy note 2 and couldn't be happier, big screen, great battery life. Iirc the galaxy nexus is free with upgrade, but I could be wrong.

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    01-12-2013 06:15 PM

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