1. Ruthie_Rayne's Avatar
    I'm having a really strange ringtone/notification issue I'm hoping someone can help me with. When I try to set a ringtone/notification sound, as I touch each one, many of them sound like a single one...for example my default ringtone. So if I choose Sound1, Sound2, Sound3, they all sound like SoundA which is my default...they won't play the true sound. If I fiddle through the list, some will work, and if I choose the "right one," it seems to "fix" the problem for a few seconds, then as I go through the list, it will get "stuck" again. When I try to choose one of these sounds that won't play itself and plays the default instead, it's listed as an "Unknown Ringtone" in the app. I do have a number of self-installed ringtones/notifications on the phone, but I've had them there for 8 months, and this only started around a month ago. Here is more information.

    At first the tones were on my External SD card (sd-ext). When they were located there, I took these steps:
    1. Restarting the phone
    2. Removing the SD card and replacing it.
    3. Removing the SD card, restarting the phone, replacing the SD card
    4. turning off the phone, removing the SD card, turning on the phone, then replacing the SD card
    5. ETC.....Every combination of these you can think of.
    6. Erasing and then replacing the Media folder (which had subfolder /audio and its subfolders /ringtones, /notifications, and /alarms).
    9. Renaming the sound files (keeping their extensions...all mp3 except for a couple).
    10. Changing the name of the /media folder and then changing it back.
    Many of these had an initial effect. But within the 2nd time I tried to fix my ringtones/notifications, the problem started again.

    My next step was to move the /media folder to the internal SD. I placed it in /mnt/sdcard. Again, this fixed it for a very short time, then the problem came back. Again I deleted the /media folder and replaced it again (with the one on my pc, that I checked all the sounds work).

    The strangest thing is that it's not just the self-installed sounds that do this, it's a mix of them. In fact, often the self-installed ones are the ones that DO work and choosing several in a row will make the phone "snap out of it."

    My last step is to wipe the phone. I'm trying so very hard not to have to do that, as I have a lot of customization. Can anyone please help me? I've looked all over the net, through tons of forums and can't find any issue like mine.
    01-06-2013 05:55 PM
  2. kmcochran's Avatar
    I think the problem is you've got your custom sounds in the wrong file location. I put my custom ringtones in the Ringtones folder and notifications in the Notifications folder. Everything works fine that way.
    01-07-2013 12:07 PM
  3. Ruthie_Rayne's Avatar
    I have read that I can't access the phone's actual ringtones/notifications folder without root access. I searched through all folders I have access to, and I could not find it. I'm not sure what could be wrong with the folder (and sub folders), they're set up as per instructions I've found in several different places online, including these forums. Is the structure incorrect? Also, if this was the problem, wouldn't it only have an effect on my custom sounds? Currently the problem effects custom AND pre-installed sounds.
    01-07-2013 01:10 PM
  4. kmcochran's Avatar
    Well, my son now has my Photon, but no, you do not need to root to get to those folders. When you plug your phone into your computer, it will install Moto software which will let you browse the folders on your phone. That's how I put my ringtones and notifications on. I think if you search the forum for "ringtones," there may be a thread or two on how to do it.

    But, unfortunately, I do think something is jacked up with your phone. And you may have to do a reset to get it working properly again. I would try browsing your phone folders on your computer first and putting ringtones in the Ringtones folder and see if that helps any.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful.
    01-07-2013 07:28 PM

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