1. Atanasoff1's Avatar
    Previous phones (Treo, in particular) had network options of Sprint only, Auto, and Roam Only.
    Previously, Roam Only could save the connection when there's a weak or intermittent Sprint signal. In those cases, Auto mode causes the phone to try to use a useless ghost Sprint signal when there's a useable roaming signal present. Now, without that option, in some areas the phone is unusable.

    1. What if anything can I do to enable Roam Only?
    1a. If the answer is "nothing within reason", is there another way to get the phone to quit using a ghost Sprint signal when a good roaming signal is available?
    2. Can it be done without a great deal of foolin' with the device? I want the phone to work not to be a toy to mess around with.
    10-19-2013 10:46 PM
  2. Paul627g's Avatar
    There maybe an option thru the master setup which can be accessed using the phone dialer pad and a code to enter it. I don't know the standard code to enter the mode myself but I know it can be found easily. Do be careful when entering this mode as you can make changes that will immediately affect the device. I've been in this mode before with Sprint CS on the phone while doing a re provisioning of my device a few times so its not like your " breaking the law " by going into it.
    10-22-2013 09:10 AM
  3. Mitri360's Avatar
    The method I used on mines is an app called roam control. You have to be rooted but it does the figuring out rfor you all you have to do ia switch modes as needed
    10-23-2013 04:31 PM

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