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    I brought my galaxy note 3 not too long ago, and two weeks into me having my phone, the charger all of a sudden stops working.... it's almost like it has a short in it!.. I would have to prop up the cord & phone and even at that, it still stops charging.... iam now using a regular samsung charger with only one charger port :-( :-( is it my phone?? Or the charger??... it works on my sister's galaxy note. Why doesn't it work on mines anymore? ??

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    05-18-2014 07:47 AM
  2. Ntchwaidumela's Avatar
    Take it back to the store and explain the problem. Sounds like the phone has a loose port, especially if it works in your sister's phone. Several years ago a tech told me this is one of the most common problems with connections.

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    05-18-2014 10:45 AM
  3. Tony tata's Avatar
    Yes mine and my wife's phone are having the same problem. The old charger works but the one that came with the phone doesnt. It's like it seems like it's too heavy or something. But yes I feel your pain
    06-03-2014 08:59 PM
  4. Dawnae's Avatar
    Thank you guys so much!

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    06-04-2014 08:17 AM

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