04-27-2013 12:15 AM
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  1. pbelfi's Avatar
    I am eligible for an upgrade through Verizon....they have pre-orders set up with a shipping date of 5/30. I'm not to sure my old phone is going to hold up until then.....it's on it's last leg now! I was thinking of maybe just ordering the Samsung Galaxy S3 instead, as I can get that right away, plus save $100.00! But then again we all want the latest and greatest! Right now I'm caught between a rock and a hard place!

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    04-26-2013 12:01 PM
  2. whoizit's Avatar
    Ours probably won't be here til after 8:00 PM

    UPS NEVER delivers to us before 7:30...

    The good news is that my accessories that I ordered from Amazon will arrive on the same shipment.
    04-26-2013 12:03 PM
  3. bgsanti's Avatar
    Just got it! First impressions.. Wow! Black Mist is so sexy. Phone is real thin. Thinner than my S3. Screen is HUGE! Time to power it up and take it for a spin!
    04-26-2013 12:14 PM
  4. nvoll84's Avatar
    Out for delivery.
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    04-26-2013 01:07 PM
  5. spark957's Avatar
    Its almost hear.

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    04-26-2013 02:27 PM
  6. KeboPR's Avatar
    Mine is finally scheduled for delivery today! Hope I get it today
    04-26-2013 02:31 PM
  7. Peaty's Avatar
    Ordered mine from Sprint using the on line website - Delivered!

    "Delivered On: Friday, 04/26/2013 at 2:27 P.M. " So it's waiting at home, this one is actually for my son. He was due for an upgrade not me. I would like the S4 but I have to say I'm happy with my S3.
    04-26-2013 02:33 PM
  8. nanosman#AC's Avatar
    Has anyone who pre-ordered through bestbuy shipped yet?
    04-26-2013 03:40 PM
  9. jmterminator's Avatar
    I ordered on the 18th at 7pm and I my order status still says "In Progress"
    04-26-2013 03:57 PM
  10. jmterminator's Avatar
    Just got home from work, and guess what was waiting on my doorstep.
    04-26-2013 07:12 PM
  11. nvoll84's Avatar
    UPS didn't leave it at my door. They will try again Monday. So I called Sprint and had them hold it at the sort center where I can pick it up tomorrow and activate while at work. I still don't understand why the driver didn't leave it at the front office of my apartment complex like everywhere else I've lived. I was also told they would deliver on Saturday 2 days ago from Sprint CS but I know better than to believe anything they say.
    04-26-2013 08:16 PM
  12. jusmebabe's Avatar
    Patience people. You managed to survive the last year and a half with the phone you have. Life will continue for another week. :beer:

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    04-26-2013 08:26 PM
  13. nvoll84's Avatar
    Ha. Ha. Ha.

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    04-26-2013 08:28 PM
  14. robia@lincolnu.edu's Avatar
    You received your preorder sprint from best buy today?
    04-26-2013 09:54 PM
  15. dbtabasco's Avatar
    Got mine this morning. ... Woot

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    04-26-2013 10:01 PM
  16. robia@lincolnu.edu's Avatar
    Did you preorder from best buy?
    04-26-2013 10:06 PM
  17. dbtabasco's Avatar
    No sprint, day of

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    04-27-2013 12:15 AM
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