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    I just purchased a new Galaxy S4 for $108.88 + activation fee... I went to Sprint's web, logged into my account. Clicked on "see my contract details" and a pop up gift box appeared. I clicked on more information and was given an $80.00 credit if I renewed for one year. My contract was due to expire on June 20th. I signed up and the $80.00 credit immediately posted to my account. I then went online to Sam's Club Cell plans, if you are eligible for an upgrade through Sprint, the galaxy S4 is $188.88 through Sam's. Entered my cell phone number and signed up for a 2 year contract and received the phone for $188.88 + activation fee. I called Sprint after I renewed with them but before I renewed with Sam's Club. They said that I would still receive the $80.00 credit as it was tied into renewing the account contract not upgrading the phone. They also told me that the two year contract would replace the one year contract not add to it. I informed them that I was planning on upgrading with Sam's Club and they said that was no problem and again, that it would not affect the $80.00 credit. I requested that the information be attached to my Sprint Account and was given a reference number in case something comes up. I have been with Sprint a long time and they have always honored what a customer service rep tells me. So the end cost of the phone was $108.88 + activation fee. Very happy day for me
    05-25-2013 10:47 AM
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    It's 166 if you go inside the store best thing about Sams thru only charge the sales tax and not the retail tax like other places do

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    06-15-2013 12:28 AM
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    Congrats on the new beast! I got mine for around 109 as well. I normally never go to a corporate store to upgrade but since AT&T was having a 100 trade in credit for any old smartphone I took my old Atrix that hadn't worked right in two years in and they gave me 100 for it so I was 109 out the door with a shiny new s4

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    06-15-2013 12:57 AM

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