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    Hello android central,
    I am planning to switch to android from my iPhone... I have owned a iPhone since they first came out. I have been doing a lot of research as of yet because I am eligible for and upgrade here in a week or two. I have decided on the galaxy s4. Amazing specs compared to my 4s!!! I plan on using the smart dock to connect to a monitor/keyboard at home and a Motorola 'lap dock' on the go (of course with a slight cable mod) as seen on tech crunches news article showing a raspberry pi as a 'laptop'. The most research I have been doing has been on software, I am going to run ubuntu 'along side' my android. There are apps I can use after I root the s4 like 'Debian kit' or 'complete Linux installer' but I am really wondering If there are any other options that I can do without using a vnc to 'connect' into the GUI? Like simply opening an app once everything is installed and running correctly. Or quite literally similar to the Ubuntu for android solution. Now I know that once I'm able to set everything up its not going to run like a super computer, nor do I really expect it to. I simply want to consolidate a lot of My computing.
    05-27-2013 04:18 PM

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