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    Been with Sprint a long time. I'm currently off contract & eligible for an upgrade, but unsure where or what to buy that I'll be living with for 2 years. I've had an HTC Evo 3D that I've basically hated for the last 2 years. Any advantage to buying the next phone from Amazon or Best Buy compared to the local store?

    Today, I'm going to buy either the SGS4(75% sure) or the HTC One(25%). But I'd also like to buy the right case and screen protector. Living with those for 2 years is a waste or a pain depending upon prices. A second battery or enough chargers for everywhere I work, a proper mount/charger for the car....what else?

    Can anyone offer advice about great SGS4 accessories you've found? Because they get bought every two years, price isn't the deciding factor.

    Thanks for any tips.
    06-04-2013 03:11 PM
  2. friedtators's Avatar
    either phones a mind blower. only buy an oem charger. the new batteries are finicky and its hard to tell what chargers are real. i think bestbuy has a good return policy
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    06-04-2013 03:34 PM
  3. Riboflavin's Avatar
    Galaxy S4 was $149 on Amazon and $199 at Best Buy last I checked (as compared to $250 at the corporate store...with a possible $50 mail in rebate). I think Amazon had the HTC One for $80 at one point.

    As far as accessories, there is a thread in the general S4 board that will recommend cases and such.

    EDIT: Amazon upgrade price back up to $199. I assume Sprint stores will lower it to $199 here by end of month.
    06-04-2013 03:50 PM
  4. 6sigma's Avatar
    Thanks, Ribo....didn't see the general thread. I'll browse there!
    06-04-2013 03:54 PM
  5. ToddK's Avatar
    I just upgraded to a S4 - and for the first time in over 10 years w/ Sprint, bought the phone from Best Buy - $50 less than if I bought it through Sprint.

    I had a friend with me who wanted to upgrade her old AT&T iPhone 3 to a iPhone 5 on Verizon.... she got her phone for $100 less than the best deal at the Verizon store. (Best Buy is willing to eat the difference to get you in the door and sell you other all the other stuff they carry- Verizon and Sprint just sell phones, so they have no incentive to offer a discount.)

    Both transactions were fully completed, including picking up a new car charger for the iPhone (because Apple changed to yet another non-standard, propietary charging connector!) ...and we were out the door in 45 mins.

    I'll never buy/upgrade another phone through a carrier store.

    Also, got a $50 Best Buy gift card - just for asking!

    Cheers, ToddK

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    06-19-2013 03:49 PM
  6. GiantJay's Avatar
    I would go with Best Buy and get the $10 a month Geek Squad protection. It covers everything but theft or a lost phone and there is no deductible for replacements. Also as many exchanges as you want. Sprint/Assurion is $11 a month with a $150 deductible and only 3 replacements a year.

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    06-21-2013 08:27 AM
  7. GiantJay's Avatar
    Bottom line is don't buy or trade in your device at Sprint. They will rip you off. I got $262.50 trade in at Best buy for my S3. Sprint was offering me $106.

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    06-21-2013 08:29 AM

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