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    On my epic 4G I used all incarnations of CM all the way up to 10.1 (4.2.2). I have backed up all apps and data with both MyBackup Root and TitaniumBackup; phone logs and sms with Call Logs Backup and Restore and SMS Backup and Restore. I've fully charge the S4 and began exploring the stock state of the S4. I performed the OTA update to MF9 after a few apps I opened told me to update them (ex voicemail) of which I did prior performing the MF9 OTA update. At this point I need to restore the call logs, sms messages, and data for a few apps such as fuel log and other important info apps. I also need to know if I need to root in order to be able to do certain things like backing up the things I just mentioned. Also if root is needed to tether. Current apps I have on my epic 4G that require super user are ES file explorer, tasker, link2sd, mybackup root, and titanium backup. I'm not sure what features of ES use SU. Tasker I have yet to use as I have been unable to find how to use it to do what I want it to do. Link2sd will likely not be needed since I have much more space internally now. And I'm not sure how non root and root versions of both backup apps compare. Aside from that in order for me to even think about rooting I will need to be able to return to stock much like I was with the epic 4G.

    I do know that I want to use the stock ROM and software for awhile before considering CM or any other custom ROM. As both android and the stock ROM have changed a lot since the days of when I first got the epic 4G. Unfortunately with one exception the preinstalled junk. I'm used to using firefox so I'm not sure if I will want chrome and why it and the "internet" app are installed. I have no need for dropbox with both my 50GB of box and my 15GB google drive accounts. The following apps I will never use or likely will not use: Flipboard, Google+, Google Talk, My Files, Play Magazines, Play Movies and TV, Polaris Office, S Health, S Memo, S Translator, Samsung Apps, *Samsung Hub, *Samsung Link, *Sprint Worldwide, *Sprint Zone, Story Album, TripAdvisor, VPN Client, WatchOn, *BaconReader, 1Weather, *Scout, CBS Sports, Sprint Music Plus, and Sprint TV and Movies. The ones marked with * I have no idea what the purpose of these apps are. A number of them also want to open the web browser which dead ends after choosing a browser.

    The following show as downoaded apps: 1Weather, BaconReader, CBS Sports, com.sprint.mobileid.googleiconpack, Google Play services, Google Play store, IAP, Lookout Security, Samsung Apps, Samsung Push service, Scout, Sprint - Discover apps, Sprint Icon Pack, Sprint Music Plus, Sprint TV and Movies. To which I assume means I could uninstall them all if I wanted to. Of those Google Play store I am keeping and the GP services would need to be kept I assume as well. I don't see any specific reason to keep Samsung Apps to which I'm assuming IAP and samsung push service are associated with. The rest including previously mentioned seem like junk to me. Everything else app wise resides in system and no gain I'm aware of by removing them by means known to be able to do so. I even have the home screens in the stock state until I got everything else up and running and sorted out.

    Thanks in advance for any help and advice in regards to all of this stuff. Sorry about the length I tried to keep it as brief as possible.
    07-31-2013 12:21 AM
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    So, perhaps you could help us out by posting "Reader's Digest version" summary of your exact questions, after which we could go back and refer to your above dissertation if necessary. Thanks.
    07-31-2013 01:18 AM
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    One thing you will lose in the S4 that you have with the epic 4g is the ability to mirror pictures and video from your phone using Allshare.
    The S4 has Allshare Cast that as far as I can tell requires you to purchase a usb dongle to plug into your tv in order to mirror from your phone to your TV.
    Allshare with the epic 4g does not require you to buy or use a dongle to send content from your phone to your TV.
    Something I miss big-time with the s4 having really liked it in my old epic 4g.

    Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy S4
    07-31-2013 01:16 PM
  4. StoneRyno's Avatar
    So, perhaps you could help us out by posting "Reader's Digest version" summary of your exact questions, after which we could go back and refer to your above dissertation if necessary. Thanks.
    I'm sorry that was the abbreviated version. It contains everything I need to do to transition everything I had on my epic to the S4. The first paragraph is the questions pertaining to making sure I do the right thing to restore data from my epic and concern/question regarding rooting if needed. The second and third paragraph are in regard to the preinstalled stuff on the S4 that I have no use for or likely will not and I was looking for info on what was safe to remove or not. Since some of it I have no idea what it is for or potentially is dependent on by something else. And if like with the epic some of it may have significant negative impact in consuming battery just by being present on the device and never used. With that said unfortunately the only way to answer these questions and concerns is to read the as brief as I could make it first post.
    07-31-2013 08:09 PM

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