1. fivefwdgears's Avatar
    Hello All,

    I switched over to the GS4 this past July from my NS4G and have been in love ever since. I am however having one issue with the phone. It seems I get a "Mobile Data Connection Error" pop up quite frequently as well as just randomly losing connection (4G to nothing to 3G then back to 4G). This issue happens multiple times per day and while it usually sorts itself out it can still be rather annoying while browsing then suddenly having no connection.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem? If it helps at all I am in the Detroit Metro area. I could see if it's something a factory reset could take care of permanently but it hasn't become that major of an issue.

    09-21-2013 09:26 AM
  2. torresg09's Avatar
    Yes im having same problem im in Brooklyn New York. Its so annoying 4G does not work. Ive called Sprint 2x and they dont seem to see anything wrong with the network. I guess it might be a problem with the Galaxy s4 internal antenna. Samsung has to come up with a solution quick!

    Posted via Android Central App
    09-21-2013 10:29 AM
  3. Shanicenicolle's Avatar
    Having the same problem in Philly and Reading, PA.... So annoying! But I went to the sprint store and he did something which has helped somewhat.

    Sent from my *PURPLE* Galaxy S4
    09-22-2013 09:35 AM
  4. Haalcyon's Avatar
    I've not had that issue at all with my S4 on At&t. Who is your carrier?

    from my Sony Xperia Tablet Z or XTZ or "Ecstasy"
    09-22-2013 10:56 AM
  5. gottria's Avatar
    Same problem here in the San Francisco Bay area. I'll drop calls when it switches between 3g and 4g, all of a sudden I'll have no 4g bars and then I get dropped and then full 3g bars show up and I can make a call again. My 3g data indicator will also just turn off and sometimes I have to reboot the phone, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.
    09-22-2013 11:55 AM
  6. gottria's Avatar
    Well we are in the Sprint carrier section of the S4 so I'll assume it's Sprint

    Not sure, in my case, It's Sprint. I have Galaxy S2 the new style with 4g and it holds a signal way better than my S4. I carried both today and when the S4 dropped the data (no 4g or 3g icon) the S2 had full 4g signal. Loaded the latest modem and rooted to Cyogenmod 10.2 to see if it was a TW issue and it still did it. Now to unroot and re-flash the stock rom and deal with Sprint for an exchange.

    I've not had that issue at all with my S4 on At&t. Who is your carrier?

    from my Sony Xperia Tablet Z or XTZ or "Ecstasy"
    09-23-2013 07:30 PM
  7. Haalcyon's Avatar
    You'll have to forgive the seemingly dumb question, you can't see that (Sprint section) from w/in the mobile app (which I'm using now).

    from my Sony XTZ
    09-23-2013 07:42 PM

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