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    Know that I am new to the S4 phone (only 8 days). My phone is a Sprint Galaxy S4/SPH-L720, Android ver 4.2.2,,, linked to Google Voice
    When I have any more than 975 Bytes of text in a contact’s “Notes” field and I edit and save it the notes from that contact become truncated to within a few bytes of 975 bytes (I've tested this several times using different contacts and come up with the same results). It eventually it syncs back to my Google contacts and I wind up with the notes for that particular contact permanently truncated.
    Hopefully this is not a limitation of the phone and there is a way to fix this or increase the capacity of the Notes field.
    Know that I maintain over 800 contacts and many of them contain Kilobytes of data in the notes field so it is imperative that I resolve this issue.
    I really can use some help. Anyone got any ideas?
    10-16-2013 01:22 AM

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