1. FrostyGTA's Avatar
    I "might" go Nexus 5(and this thread isn't designed to debate which phone is better or to cause a general debate so don't go there). If I sell the phone on Craigslist or whatever do I keep the little SIM card and put it in the Nexus? Pardon the noob question, I've been with Sprint for a while and I'm not used to the SIM card thing.

    Thanks guys.
    11-20-2013 09:57 AM
  2. Matt_Zenick's Avatar
    you must take out the sim its registered under your sprint account and depending on the price i may buy it
    11-20-2013 10:24 AM
  3. FrostyGTA's Avatar
    Thanks for the response....PM sent.
    11-20-2013 10:37 AM

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