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    Hi all,

    New member, first post (after brief intro),

    Six years with a Winmo 6.1 HTC Touch on Sero and I want to upgrade to the Galaxy S4 (removable battery a must).

    I'm in a suburb of Vancouver, Washington and I don't expect to see Spark here for a long time, if ever.

    Sprint coverage maps CLAIM lte but my Vogue is CDMA only so I can't say for sure.

    Since the new tri-band S4 lacks svlte and the towers won't be offering csfb or ecsfb should I simply select the single-band model.

    I'm worried that if I select the latest and greatest (SPH-L720T) that I'll have a strangled device until Network Vision is completed in my area, if ever.

    For those unfamiliar with this issue I offer this summary I found at pocketables...

    "If you just picked up a triband LTE phone for use with Sprint service, but youíve discovered that it wonít seem to connect to LTE on its own, there is a good reason. It turns out that Sprint is purposely offering triband LTE customers a degraded network experience in areas where its Network Vision rollout isnít complete.

    Before we continue, this only affects three devices: the HTC One max, the Google Nexus 5 by LG, and the LG G2. These are the only triband LTE devices that Sprint is currently offering, although a triband Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected soon.

    Before Sprint started selling these triband devices, the LTE devices on offer all supported two separate transmission paths on CDMA 1xRTT and on LTE. This allowed customers to continue making and receiving texts and phone calls while remaining connected to the LTE network. The technology behind that is Simultaneous Voice and LTE (SVLTE), and the current triband devices on offer do not support this.

    Instead, the One max, Nexus 5, and G2 are only technologically capable of handling one transmission path Ė either CDMA for voice or texts, or LTE for data. Luckily, Sprintís network theoretically can handle this, and let the device know when to connect to CDMA and when to connect to LTE. That way, if a customer is streaming a movie or LTE, the network can tell the phone to temporarily disconnect from LTE to receive a phone call.

    This type of network technology that allows such seamless switching is called Circuit Switched Fallback (CSFB) and Enhanced Circuit Switched Fallback (eCSFB). Unfortunately, Sprint hasnít deployed this to most of its network yet. Areas that donít have it already have no expected time frame for the rollout of this network technology, and since your smartphone is designed to prefer the ability to make and receive phone calls at all costs, it is programmed to stay on CDMA.

    A temporary work around is to force the phone to connect manually to LTE only in the phoneís hidden network settings, but the side effect is that calls and texts wonít go through.

    Obviously, this is a real problem Ė itís one that Sprint has not been transparent about, that is affecting lots of people in lots of areas. Ideally, Sprint would warn customers of the situation before buying an affected device, but this hasnít been the case.

    So be forewarned before buying your next smartphone. It might be best to hold on to that EVO 4G LTE or HTC One a bit longer, before upgrading to a newer device."
    01-08-2014 11:06 AM
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    If lte is important right now. Get the original s4. I think it's bull crap that Sprint is taking features away from these new phones. Or wait to see what the s5 brings in 3 months. Hopefully Samsung is smart enough not to cripple their new phone as there will be alot of returns when people realize they can't connect to lte

    Sent from my Sprint Galaxy S4
    01-09-2014 10:17 AM
  3. Clark Gaylord's Avatar
    Just to update: in November 2016, the Samsung S4 triband is apparently working on Sprint service (via ting) with LTE, at least in the areas I've checked. I cannot confirm whether all bands are used or whether svlte is working - I suspect not - but it does seem to be working similar to the non triband S4.
    11-26-2016 04:58 AM

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