1. dianehelen's Avatar
    after a fiasco I had with the last upgrade, when it set all my homescreens back to default, this time I saved screenshots of all my homescreens.

    So this time, it did not clobber my homescreens, but it did delete a bunch of apps. WTH? why does it do that?

    Here are the apps I have found deleted so far: (found because they were missing from homescreens)
    had to install (reinstall)

    53 bank
    suntrust bank
    android music player
    flipboard 4x1 widget

    I wish I would have saved screenshots of my app and widget drawer too to see what else got deleted

    What other apps has anyone found deleted after upgrade?
    02-25-2014 09:26 AM
  2. jarjarbinks's Avatar
    YES. this just happened to me right now -- galaxy s4, sprint, just updated my phone to 4.4.2 and noticed a BUNCH of apps missing. unfortunately, i didn't have screenshots of my wallpapers. i do know, from memory, that Viber and Kik are missing, as is my scanner radio, and god knows what else. this is extremely irritating!!
    02-27-2014 10:10 AM

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