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    I have 1GB of data with framily plan. Which is fine I don't use a lot of data (non-wifi that is). However I did note something I would like to limit or even zero out. I used 500MB of data for this last billing cycle however an alarming 25-30% of that is background data. The worst offenders are: WTP? free (over 50MB), google play services (over 25MB), hanging with friends (over 20MB), android OS (over 10MB), google search (over 5MB), scramble free (over 5MB), configupdater + removed apps and users (android services it looks like at over 3MB each), 38 other apps that total 15-20MB more. Obviously the the ones I have specified concern me the most. Those 3 games I hardly ever play. I need advice on how to configure things to reduce or eliminate whichever i the better of the two these things. I can provide a detailed list of all apps and usage if needed. My goal is to make it so more like a 90% or more my actual usage and 10% or less background stuff. I assume some background usage is desired for expected functions of android and frequently used stuff like email. To which I designate that 10% or less for.

    03-01-2014 10:33 PM
  2. UJ95x's Avatar
    Go to your settings and look at data usage. From there select the individual apps that are using data, then scroll down to disable background data. I think Android OS is the only one that can't be disabled.
    One thing to note, disabling Google Play Services will make the Play Store and other Google apps not work until you re-enable background data.
    03-01-2014 10:39 PM

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