1. jnichols16's Avatar
    After the kit-kat upgrade, I got a Camera Icon on the Lock Screen, but it's not functional.

    All it does is put the phone back to sleep. If it won't open the camera, why was it put there?
    03-29-2014 09:18 AM
  2. oaks510's Avatar
    Hey I had the same problem on my note 3 after the kit kat update but just figured it out. Instead of clicking the camera icon you must: 1) place your finger (or stylus) on the camera icon in the lock screen, then 2) swipe away from the icon as If you were unlocking the phone normally. This will both unlock your phone and open up the camera function.
    Hope this helps
    03-30-2014 06:54 PM
  3. jnichols16's Avatar
    That works. Thanks!
    03-30-2014 10:23 PM
  4. oaks510's Avatar
    Glad I could help!
    03-31-2014 12:17 AM
  5. chinnzz's Avatar
    I have the note3 and just update to kitkat but I can't find the camera on my lockscreen. My phone is in pin code not swipe unlock.

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    04-01-2014 02:50 PM
  6. redhdgirl417's Avatar
    I have the note3 and just update to kitkat but I can't find the camera on my lockscreen. My phone is in pin code not swipe unlock.

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    I do believe only works when phone in swipe mode.

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    04-01-2014 03:07 PM
  7. Shahzaib Khan2's Avatar
    i was really confused but because of you nw its working
    04-05-2014 05:20 AM
  8. Shahzaib Khan2's Avatar
    can you help me with battery life nd signal drop issue??i dont knwo may be i have done something wrong in settings but my signakls are dropping sim signals nd there is always 1 signal less on signal bar nd sometimes it drops to only 1 signal.before factory resetting it was perfect but now its doing all that things which i have mentioned....please help me nd its only giving me 3 nd half hours on screen on battery nd with very low brightness settings its always taking about 40 % of my battery...
    04-05-2014 05:23 AM
  9. Krishan Thevakanthan's Avatar
    Hi i am having the same problem i just updated my s4 to the lastest software 4.4.2 and the camera icon isnt working as i am unable to turn that option on
    04-20-2014 11:53 AM
  10. Tuereswow's Avatar
    05-20-2014 12:27 PM
  11. dCallahan96's Avatar
    I had the same problem, battery draining REALLY fast! I took it to a repair, and to phone booth I had bought it from in mall, they both had no idea but the repair guy said "it is the Motherboard". I took it home and played with it, googled it, tried looking at it really well and came up with this. I had had an update about a few days previously, my home screen pic was gone and a couple of minor irritants as well. Then this started. So I looked at phone and wondered what else update may have done in changes. I saw two flashing icons on Lock screen, googled what they were and why I had not noticed them before (flashing). It cam up in one of the posts that the icons on lock screen cannot be used in "Easy Mode". I went into my settings and turned my Mode to Standard Mode (or whatever yours is called, just don't have it in Easy Mode). I also removed my camera icon from the Lock Screen, as in my Battery in settings it was showing that my screen was drawing all the battery power. So I eliminated that icon, just in case. I had never noticed it before, so it may have not been there before update, anyway. One more thing I did was clear my Cache, and this is how to do it..... It won’t delete anything, it is something you should do before updating your phone, but I did not know this prior. Now I do it.

    1. Turn off phone
    2. Wait 5secs
    3. Hold up volume button, home button, and power button until phone cuts on
    4. Let go of power button
    5. When Screen comes up let go of all buttons
    6. Use volume button to go down to wipe cache, use power button to select
    7. Then press select reboot system

    I will never know which of these things I did that corrected it, but afterwards it was back to normal. My opinion was that I changed it back to Standard Mode, and I had not put it into Easy Mode, that came with the update changes. Anyway, then I topped it off by downloading one of the Battery Saver apps, and it is phenomenally better!!! I used Juice Defender, but there a number of them and they are FREE. Now my battery life does not move! Good luck with this
    09-10-2015 12:55 PM

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