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    I just bought a new S4. I transferred a bunch of apps/games from my old S2 to the mSD card. Now that I have it in the new S4, the phone won't show the apps. It WILL show the pics I had/have in my galleries and it shows about 7gb worth of "stuff" but the only app it actually shows on the card is some Bacon thing that's native to the S4. There are a couple games that I've played enough to rack up some points so I'd like those to transfer over, but I won't cry if they don't. I DO have some apps that I have stored info in (fuel/maintenance logger for my bike, etc). While I can d/l those apps again, I NEED that stored info. If I d/l those apps/games again, will it then recognize the data on the card?

    Any suggestions? The phone has run all of it's upgrades and it's running Android 4.3, if that matters.

    Edit: When I connect my phone via AirDroid (I'm running Linux so I can't just plug in the phone to the computer), I can see everything on the mSD card. All the apps/music/etc are there. The phone just doesn't see them. Maybe this will help the diagnoses?
    04-05-2014 03:08 PM

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