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    I made a really stupid mistake.....

    I was messing around with my phone and decided to flash the cm11 build onto my phone. Well, somehow i deleted everything else because i cant get the phone back to 4.4.2 stock build that i was on before i rooted the phone!!

    I dont like cm 11 because i cant get any gapps loading onto it, and more than anything i love all my gapps, let alone all the apps i have through the play store.

    I have tried a firmware zip file with the build l720vpufnae and then extracted it, booted into download mode to use odin v3.09 and flash it. The problem i am having is when i have the phone connected it recognizes device, then check the box and add the file on ap button, and i hit start and it freezes saying odin is not responding.

    Please call someone help me? I never thought i would miss stock touchwiz so bad!!

    04-18-2014 03:11 PM

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