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    I have Yahoo email account, I have set it up to send/receive on my original Samsung S3(Samsung default email app). Here is the deal, I can receive all emails on both the pc and phone, all folder shows up and functioning perfectly. I can send emails easily enough. I cannot see the emails that i sent using the samsung s3 (default email app) when i go to PC and I check my yahoo sent box. They do not show up on the email account's PC Yahoo sent folder! SENT emails from the phone do get kept on the phone in "sent items" folder. But those sent emails does not show on the PC, Yahoo sent box.
    Interesting part is: That when I send emails from PC, those emails shows on Samsung's email sent box...!
    I want to have my emails sent from my phone, sync, and show up in the SENT folder on the yahoo PC account. HOW do you change this on my Samsung phone Native email app?

    04-18-2014 03:42 PM