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    Sprint will give you the MSL. ##MSL# gets you to NAM.INFO editor the international support told me this & that GSM is not locked on the device.
    The MSL is not what is needed to sim unlock the phone it is a SPC. A Metro PCS SPC code.
    ##SPC# The phone does nothing. Then restart the phone. It's unlocked. The invalid sim icon is gone.
    You do NOT need MSL to get the SPC code.
    I used a demo cdma tool to get my SPC.
    This is as far as I have got.
    I have not changed any settings in the phone yet. (No APN's , PRL's , PROXY , BAND etc..) You do need the MSL to do that.
    *** I am looking for an active Sim to use for setting up the rest. ***

    Please add comments & I'll do my best to answer them. I am a noobie. I got tried of the runaround with Sprint, T-mobile, Family Talk & Samsung. FYI 1-13 all Samsung Phones the codes are sent to the buyers. (Sprint, AT&T, T-mobile and the rest) Samsung does NOT have unlock codes & will help at all.
    04-19-2015 07:09 PM

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