1. Galane's Avatar
    How stupid is that? I have to *disable* the auto rotation function then *manually* tell the video player to rotate the video so it fits the screen in landscape mode, because with *automatic rotation* enabled the dumb thing *locks into portrait mode*.

    Just testing some 1080p H.265 on my Sprint L720 with 5.0.1. The stock/default player plays that codec very well, aside from the @#%%@%idity of it not auto rotating.

    VLC attempts to play it but makes it a bad colored, blocky, slideshow, nor does it auto rotate.

    What video player will play H.265 AND is coded by people who know WTH the auto rotate feature is for? The Youtube app auto-rotates, so should *every other* video player. This is one of those things that everyone doing Android apps should include as a matter of course, simply because it's a thing the devices do. But so many do not enable rotation in their apps, like so many fail the basic element of program and web design that the word one or numeral 1 is never paired with a plural. (That's a simple if/then/else check, ought to be covered very early in classes for every programming language.)
    10-19-2015 02:36 AM
  2. iseededppl's Avatar
    Id be pretty pissed off if my video player or photos app auto rotated while I had auto-rotate disabled. The S4 has a little rotate button in the video app so I don't see how its really a problem.
    10-19-2015 03:06 AM
  3. Galane's Avatar
    The manual rotate button only appears when auto rotate is *disabled*. When auto rotate is *enabled* the video player will not rotate the video.
    10-19-2015 03:14 AM

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