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    I use a non-rooted Boost Motorola XPRT here in the US and love it. I was told by both Sprint and Boost that the GSM is unlocked and can be used outside the US with any non-USA GSM SIM. So, I purchased another Boost XPRT, activated it with Boost, and then sent it to my girlfriend who lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She tried two separate GSM SIMs, one from Vivo, and one from TIM, and both had the same results. Anytime she boots the phone with a GSM SIM, it almost gets to the unlock screen and then starts rebooting, again, and again. Every once in a while, we can get past the unlock screen, but only for a few seconds. The way we have tried to get around the loop is to boot without the SIM, put it in Airplane Mode, turn the phone off, put the SIM in, reboot, then once in Settings -> Wireless & Network Settings quickly take it out of Airplane Mode, search for operators, and once we select the SIM's operator, boom, it reboots.

    My question: Is ANYONE using a Boost Mobile Motorola XPRT overseas with your local GSM SIM, and it actually works? Boost claims that the GSM feature should work perfectly, and I'm just wondering if I happened to buy a bad XPRT. Any advice would be much appreciated, because after dealing with Motorola tech support, who passed the blame to Sprint, who passed the blame to Boost, no one has answers, and after reading through the posts on AndroidCentral, the people in this forum are clearly more wise.

    09-12-2012 06:02 PM
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    I am in The Bahamas (GSM) and I have the exact same problem, except I have paid to have my phone factory unlocked. The phone recognizes the SIM and Carrier signal then freezes and reboots in a never ending cycle - even if left overnight. I thought it may be because I still have active service back in the states with Boost/Sprint (CDMA), and have tried a number of techniques including the one above but with no success. If someone finds a workaround for this problem please let me know. This phone is actually Sprint's first world phone and I took it to the local carrier here. The customer service persons said that Sprint/Verizon phones are known for their problems on and incompatibility with other non-US carriers' systems. Oh well, glad I only paid $70 and not $400 for this phone. Next time, I'll just buy an iPhone.
    09-17-2012 09:33 PM
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    Sorry you're having the same issue, my friend. It's sad because this phone works fantastic here in the US on the Boost (Sprint) network. Now, it's basically a WiFi gadget in Brazil (and the Bahamas), which can't make or receive calls/texts (UNLESS using GrooveIP and Google Voice over WiFi). But not being able to leave the house kind of defeats the purpose of a MOBILE world smartphone We've tried just about everything to get it working, and have since tried a 3rd carrier's SIM (Claro) in it with the same results. Unless we can find someone outside the USA using a Boost XPRT's GSM successfully, it could be Boost's software or simply the GB 2.3.5 OS (working Sprint XPRTs shipped with Froyo 2.2)...
    10-01-2012 07:53 PM
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    Guys, I'm in the PH, and my sister sent me an XPRT an a Verizon BB. I got my wife the BB and I used the XPRT. Both phones worked perfectly fine. I had the XPRT rooted, re-stock to FroYo and then now i'm running GB. I got a Sprint contact center friend and he told me that the XPRT is shipped open so if it's messing up then there's something wrong with the OS or the hardware. Re-stock your XPRT, if you have nothing to lose, then go from there.
    10-12-2012 08:42 AM
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    I have a feeling your sister sent you a Sprint XPRT (not a Boost XPRT) but I'm glad it's working for you in the Philippines! Sprint and Boost both claim the GSM is unlocked, and I do believe Sprint, because I really haven't heard of a Sprint XPRT having this issue. But there's something about the Boost models, and the only difference between the two is the software, so whatever Boost put on the phones seems to have screwed up the GSM. Of course Boost has no knowledge of this, because I'm SURE they never tested it.
    10-16-2012 06:25 PM
  6. rongsang's Avatar
    10-27-2012 12:22 AM

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