1. skld's Avatar
    My Motorola Photon wasn't connecting to 4g for the last week in Manhattan or Queens. I finally got around to calling customer care, and it turns out they've been having an outage since the 14th. I asked for a credit since I have two 4g phones that have been without the 4g premium service that I have to pay extra for, and I was told they would pro rate a credit for the duration of the event once they fix it.
    09-20-2011 07:10 PM
  2. SprintNYCFan's Avatar
    Wimax is not reliable, and if Sprint wants to survive that 4G story that Hesse will tell on October better be good. I have Sprint here in NYC, I never have problems since, but the service indoors is crap. I go outside and bang I get over 9.0 megabits down and 1.50 up. The speed is there, but Sprint using Wimax 2.5 Spectrum band won't help them to compete with the big boys.
    09-20-2011 10:00 PM
  3. skld's Avatar
    My 4g seems to be working again, though I didn't call customer service to find out if the outage was officially over.
    09-22-2011 02:51 PM
  4. skld's Avatar
    I haven't had 4g since Monday again. Just got off the phone with Customer Care, and it seems that they are repairing it and it should be back on the 30th.
    09-28-2011 10:16 AM