1. drkPulse6's Avatar
    I was considering on getting a Sprint contract but I have been reading everywhere that Sprint download speeds around this area are terrible. From information I have gathered it appears as it would be way more worth it to get another Metro PCS plan in this area compared to the high prices and DL speeds of Sprint 3G in the area. I live in New Hampshire and I don't typically travel to metropolitan areas like Boston or New York. I was on T-Mobile and I was getting 250 kbps on 2G/Edge without Wi-Fi in my house. I have read that some people get just a hair more on this area on Sprint's 3G. I am not sold at all. Yes I have Wi-Fi but I am out and about more often than not. So I kind of need this extra speed every now and again. Can someone please possibly show me otherwise? I was really looking forward on moving to Sprint when my friend closed his contract with T-Mobile. As for now I will be using Google Voice on only Wi-Fi until someone convinces me otherwise...

    Sorry about the ranting...
    02-21-2012 12:02 AM
  2. PWC Realtor's Avatar
    I had Sprint for years but switched to T-mobile last May. I was getting 30 to if lucky 500 kbps while getting ten times those speeds on T-mobile HSPA+

    my parents have Virgin Mobile (Sprint network) and they got only 169 kbps down when I ran a speed test a few weeks ago to prove to my mother that their upcoming throttling policy won't make any speed difference ce.
    02-21-2012 01:20 AM
  3. prolongExistence's Avatar
    Unfortunately it seems it all depends where you live. I'm in NJ (Pine Barrens) and I usually get 1.5 - 2 Mbps down on 3G. If you really want to switch to Sprint you can always try it & if you aren't happy then return it. Although I think they recently changed their return policy from 30 days down to 14 days.
    02-21-2012 02:34 AM
  4. leprechaunshawn's Avatar
    I just got 0.46 Mbps about 10 miles west of Milwaukee, WI. Pretty disappointing.
    02-21-2012 10:35 AM
  5. SERO wireless's Avatar
    While it's true that Sprint 3G sucks in many locations TODAY, Sprint's upgrading their network for both LTE and improved 3G. Check what's coming to your area in the next 6 months here. Sprint's NEW 3G is testing around 9 Mbps.

    Sprint currently runs 3 different networks (WiMax, EVDO, Direct Connect) and each tower is devoted to one network so some areas are 3G only, some areas have spotty 3G coverage but great DC, etc. The Network Vision upgrade means that each tower will now handle LTE, EVDO and DC. Any location that now gets 3G will get LTE when the upgrade is complete. There will also be data capacity and speed upgrades on the new network. Instead of most of Sprint's customer's fighting over limited 3G bandwidth many folks currently trapped in 3G only locations will be able to upgrade to LTE so there will be less demand on the 3G network.

    Sprint's also planning on upgrading beyond that to an LTE Advanced network. Yes, 1 Gbps down starting next year.

    While TMO's network is better than Sprint's today, times change. TMO's owners, Deutsche Telekom, aren't interested in spending cash to upgrade their network- they're just waiting for someone to buy it. While the eventual buyer (Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft) will upgrade the network they'll first have to agree to buy it; get approval from the FCC, FTC and other regulatory agencies to make the buy; get approval from FCC to build the new network and then build the network. Add at least another year if they want to buy more spectrum. Don't expect anything new from TMO for at least five years.
    02-21-2012 12:57 PM