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    My wife is in love with the EVO 4G. She likes the form factor, interface, etc. In the past year, she's gone through 3 of them, from dropping them at different points (she's a veterinarian and does farm calls, so juggling equipment and trying to talk with a client on the phone doesn't mix well... yes, she has a headset...) That's not the question at this point - we know that the prevention to that is using a headset, a otterbox case, etc. We just don't want to invest in an otterbox for her current EVO because she just dropped this one as well and we are pretty sure it's time to upgrade to a new phone (she's now eligible to upgrade).

    Anyways, I am encouraging her to take a look at the Galaxy Nexus releasing on Sunday or wait for the EVO 4G LTE, but the only problem that she has with these two phones is the larger size. She feels that the four inch screen is a little too big for carrying around. Plus, I got her a tablet for Christmas and now much of the things that she used to do on her phone she now uses her tablet for. (I won't mention the tablet manufacturer lest I accused of cheating on Android... ) Fact is, I never thought I'd suggest this to her, but I've gone as far as telling her to check out the iPhone since she's mostly concerned about the form factor. But... she likes Android's widgets, etc, that aren't available on the iPhone.

    So, I'm looking for suggestions on Sprint phones that are similar in size to the EVO 4G, but perhaps are a step up in processing speed and have an interface that she would be ok with. I think loading LauncherPro or ADW would give her a closer feeling to the EVO's Sense interface. I've considered looking for a used EVO 4G for her, but they're becoming harder to come by for a reasonable price and in decent shape.

    Any advice or comments? (I've got a Nexus S 4G that has been acting up and I want to trade in for the Galaxy Nexus, but won't be able to upgrade until March 2013.)

    04-20-2012 12:42 PM
  2. KSmithInNY's Avatar
    Has she seen the EVO design? Its a nice phone without the gimmicks HTC was using the sell devices (3d cam, 3d UI). The design is the only device I'd consider to be true to the evo brand since the OG.
    04-20-2012 01:32 PM