1. Deadly_Poison630's Avatar
    I've had the LG Optimus S for nearly two and a half years, really like it but it's bout time i upgrade to a better device.
    Ideally, it would have:
    - the ability to use WiFi when available
    - large bright touchscreen
    - no physical keyboard
    - at least acceptable battery life
    - the ability to always grab the latest OS
    - Option to remove bloatware would be awesome
    - Not too loyal to a particular manufacturer but it has to be on Sprint's network
    - I am in an okay coverage area, so having a nice radio would be a plus
    - Ability to use a 32gb sd card
    - Good camera is a must! I take tons of pics with my phone.
    - Little Lag

    What would you recommend?
    As far as Android devices go, it seems like various manufacturers are on different versions of the OS. And sometimes devices from the same manufacturer on on different versions. What's the story with this? Are all Android devices able to sync or download the latest versions of the OS as they come out?

    Thanks in advance!!
    04-26-2012 07:27 PM
  2. zeroefx's Avatar
    You just basically described the evo 4g LTE. Lol.

    Good luck.
    04-26-2012 10:36 PM
  3. King Koopa VI's Avatar
    Definitely either wait for the Evo 4G LTE, or if you just need 32GB of memory you could go with the Galaxy Nexus. It doesn't have expandable memory though, so you'd kinda be stuck with that. Not to mention the Nexus is always going to get updated with minor updates and at least one full OS update. As long as you get it while we're still on ICS you'll get the next update (Jelly Bean) and by the time you're ready to update again there should be another Nexus either pretty new or about to come out. Only saying that because the Nexus One not getting ICS means that even Google will want you to get the next device at some point.
    04-28-2012 01:54 AM
  4. Dhalgren's Avatar
    Congratulations on sticking with the Optimus S for two years. A great phone, if totally lacking in app storage. I couldn't take it and got a Conquer 4G on eBay to hold me over until fall.

    Sounds like you would be happy with either the Galaxy Nexus or the Evo LTE. The Galaxy S is not coming to Sprint until Labor Day, probably. You have two outstanding phones to choose from. On May 18th (the Evo's retail release date), get yourself to a good Sprint Store and try them both!
    04-28-2012 10:23 AM