1. 2CupsWithString's Avatar
    Just picked up 4G Coming out of queensboro plaza in Astoria on the N/W line!

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    06-10-2010 08:02 PM
  2. vikingjunior's Avatar
    I had 4G over there by La Guardia community college
    06-10-2010 10:12 PM
  3. npark's Avatar
    I'm in College Point and my apartment building has line-of-sight with manhattan. I get the occasional 4G signal, but it's not so great--drops a lot. Towards Little Neck, Bayside, Flushing that area, there's no 4G whatsoever.

    So, it seems it's mostly in the LIC or Manhattan side of Queens and nothing further east.
    06-10-2010 10:27 PM
  4. EVOLICIOUS's Avatar
    not in bronx yet
    06-10-2010 10:34 PM
  5. 2CupsWithString's Avatar
    I've never been so excited to see a number change from 3 to 4.
    06-10-2010 10:45 PM
  6. npark's Avatar
    I had 1 bar of 4G earlier, and it was actually really good in College Point. I guess having only 3 bars, 1 bar is not very descriptive of signal strength.

    Latency was excellent. Anyone else with experience in Queens/Manhattan with 4G?
    06-10-2010 11:43 PM
  7. Gmaxxx's Avatar
    Nothing in Brooklyn either!
    06-11-2010 12:12 AM
  8. ootherocoo's Avatar
    Nothing in Brooklyn. Everyday I check...
    06-11-2010 12:24 AM