1. jmartinbsu's Avatar
    I'm just going to put this out there. I know there are a ton of ROMs being built out there, but the one thing that sucks for Sprint phones is the dreaded PRL/Profile Updates. If someone was looking to build a popular app, building an app that updates the PRL on a Sprint phone. . . that would be epic.

    Just my 2 cents
    11-28-2012 12:38 AM
  2. piizzadude's Avatar
    I am not sure about all the ROMs but it isnt all that hard to go into settings and hit update once in awhile....what do you want? Automatic background checks?
    11-28-2012 12:51 AM
  3. Darth Mo's Avatar
    The PRL is only updated a couple times a year and it's pushed to your phone automatically with a day or two.

    Not sure how having an app burning battery checking for it to maybe get it a day earlier would be...epic...
    11-28-2012 09:09 AM
  4. piizzadude's Avatar
    That was my thought as well... It has been a bit since I had to think about the prl but figured they didn't change

    Sent from my X-Band Modem... TY Genesis
    11-28-2012 09:15 AM

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