1. thunderking's Avatar
    How do I go about doing this?
    02-15-2013 08:03 AM
  2. cgardnervt's Avatar
    How do I go about doing this?
    I never understood why people are so attch to texts....However apps I understand. I think your gonna have too root and backup first. Then you should be good to go!
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    02-15-2013 09:02 AM
  3. regression's Avatar
    Check out Carbon backup. It will let non-root users backup app data (and now text messages). If you buy the premium version, you can back up to a cloud account so you don't have to copy the backups from your usb storage to your PC.

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    02-15-2013 11:18 PM
  4. prolongExistence's Avatar
    In preparation for the worst, before I updated to 4.2.1, I backed up all my apps with Carbon (free version) and all my texts with SMS Backup+. Carbon wasn't doing the text thing yet. Maybe paranoid, but I then copied my entire "SD card" (partition) to my box account. Of course, the OTA update failed miserably (3x) and I ended up doing it manually anyway. I was shocked that my google acct actually remembered which apps I had installed & reinstalled them manually, never had that work before. Carbon then restored most of the app data without a problem. I still had to manually add my email accts back to the Accounts section though. SMS Backup+ works flawlessly except that it doesn't back up MMS. Not sure if Carbon does or not, I haven't played with it since it updated.
    All in all, once the update finally went through, the restore process was relatively painless.
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    02-16-2013 03:38 AM
  5. regression's Avatar
    SMS Backup+ works flawlessly except that it doesn't back up MMS.
    Are you sure about that? I use SMS Backup+ and while I haven't used it to restore, I do use it to backup my SMS / MMS. I do see the pictures in my gmail account after I perform a backup.
    02-16-2013 09:59 AM
  6. prolongExistence's Avatar
    Are you sure about that? I use SMS Backup+ and while I haven't used it to restore, I do use it to backup my SMS / MMS. I do see the pictures in my gmail account after I perform a backup.
    Sorry, I just double checked the Play Store description. They say that you can back up MMS but restore isn't supported yet. So I guess if they eventually figure out how to restore then all the MMS that we have been backing up will be restored.
    02-19-2013 01:48 AM
  7. TOOLEY's Avatar
    Try SMS Backup and restore. Works great. Than copy everything to a backup suck as laptop or such. Once complete with a backup. Factory reset your phone. Than you should be able to drag and drop your backup from your phone that was stored elsewhere and put it back on the phone.

    I've a nexus n i am rooted, I went to 4.2.1 and didn't like it, all my original folders were placed in a Sub folder. I backed up my nexus on my laptop, factory reset, unlock boot loader, got root, drag and drop my back up and things were back in the main folder as they were before 4.2.1

    Hope drag and drop n factory reset and drag and drop to phone helps, also remember to backup with SMS Back up and Restore. Do it before u copy or entire phone to a laptop

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    02-20-2013 03:51 PM
  8. huskers15's Avatar
    Use titanium backup. It backs up everything you can name of!

    03-01-2013 10:57 AM
  9. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    I have a question for the OP; why do you want to factory reset the phone? What is the problem/issue that leads you to think that this is the best course of action?
    03-17-2013 11:42 AM
  10. Matthijs Goddijn's Avatar
    i have a question about my nexus galaxy maguro 16 GB

    since 3 days I have to re-enter my password of my simcard 3-5 times a day
    I don't know why....... because it has been restarting automaticly.....

    and when i type in the password mobile start and works and after a start up a app it works, but after 3 seconds it flickers to black streen for 1 sec and then goes on with the app.

    third of all its getting slow at some times and buttons/touchscreen doen't react...

    anyone got an idea?
    08-08-2013 02:14 AM
  11. jayaram marthy's Avatar
    u might be having a bug in your some of your background running apps check out the running ones ,, and if your among the coder category , you can pretty well make out the buggy stuff.
    03-31-2014 02:02 PM

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