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    I had Sprint, and was able to get an Airave to improve (well, get any) reception. The Airave worked awesomly, except it reported my location incorrectly. I searched for a fix and found lots of reports of the same issue but no fix. I also tried to have Sprint fix it, but no luck. But after some more research, I found what the real issue was and was able to fix it myself.

    First, the location issue is not a problem with your phone or with Sprint. The issue is actually with Google. Google (as I understand it) tracks cell towers and networks along with GPS info of all Android devices, and uses that to determine the location of a given cell tower or WiFi network. Anyone using the GPS has this information sent to Google (that is what you are agreeing to when you enable GPS). Google uses all the GPS info for a given tower or WiFi network over time to determine where the tower is. It is a clever use of crowdsourcing.

    The Airave location issue is actually Google having the wrong location for the Airave. I don't know how Google has this wrong, but I found it extremely frustrating. However, once I understood how Google determines location for a cell tower (in this case, your Airave), I enabled GPS and did the following:
    1) I set Weatherbug to use GPS to determine location and to refresh every 15 minutes. Fortunatally, if I am near an outside wall I can get a GPS lock. Of course this will drain the battery faster, but I just left my phone plugged in most of the time. I know Weatherbug didn't get a GPS lock everytime, but it seemed like around half the time.
    2) A few times (probably less than 5) I opened Maps and had it get a GPS lock and just left it open for 5-10 minutes.

    My goal was to send enough GPS/Airave tower info to Google so they would change where it thought my Airave was located. And after about 2 weeks, it worked! I only used 1 phone (I found the location had been corrected when my wife's phone started to display the correct location).

    Since I did both those steps at the same time, I don't know if 1 or the other was the difference, or if both in conjunction helped. But I think the goal is to somehow use GPS and get a GPS lock while connected to the Airave tower as often/frequently as possible, so updated data is sent to Google and once they have enough data the Airave location Google reports will be updated.

    (Note: I was working at home at the time and therefore Weatherbug was using GPS every 15 mins nearly all day every day for these 2 weeks...YMMV)

    I hope this information helps anyone having a location issue with an Airave! Good Luck!!
    04-24-2014 10:38 PM

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