1. StoneRyno's Avatar
    I keep getting political text spam from fritolays registered shortcode 24477. I get several messages per day sometimes. Is there anything I can do about this short of also preventing legitimate solicited messages. Thanks.
    01-15-2020 11:30 AM
  2. Mooncatt's Avatar
    Have you tried replying to it with "stop" ? That's the most common way to unsubscribe to those messages.

    I'm also now curious why a chip company would be sending out political texts...
    01-15-2020 11:48 AM
  3. StoneRyno's Avatar
    My assumption is that the spammer is somehow masking itself with the official short code. Like they do with spam phone calls to appear as someone else to avoid whatever masking if meant to avoid. I'd be concerned that replying of any kind could open up a bigger can or worms. Kind of like clicking on a link in a spam email etc.
    01-24-2020 03:14 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Are you able to block that short-code number?
    01-24-2020 05:10 PM
  5. StoneRyno's Avatar
    Are you able to block that short-code number?
    I didn't know if that was possible. I stopped using 3rd party caller and filter apps after being in a manner of speaking burned by all the ones I have used. So if this is possible without installing a 3rd party app how do I? and would certainly stop this annoyance for me. I feel bad for anyone who wants fritolays official messages and also end up bombarded with this spam.
    01-30-2020 07:02 PM
  6. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I think I can block short-code numbers on my phone, so give that a try.
    01-30-2020 09:15 PM
  7. StoneRyno's Avatar
    I just got another one and I see there was an option after long pressing the number from the main messaging screen to block.
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    02-01-2020 09:53 PM