1. scrondar's Avatar
    Hey all- Just got this phone today, and have managed to get my contacts ported and apps from the store installed. Compared to my Moto Bravo, this thing is a speed demon. I'm liking it so far. One question: is there any way to keep the soft buttons at the bottom (I'm sure these have a name, but...) lit? They seem to light up randomly or not at all. . Since they do light, whey not when the screen is active, or when you touch them? Thanks to any who can help.
    02-12-2012 12:27 AM
  2. pineypl's Avatar
    Not offhand do I know, they seem to only illuminate under low light or dark conditions. It is a nice phone for sure.
    02-12-2012 05:30 PM
  3. scrondar's Avatar
    Yeah, I did notice they seemed to respond to light conditions, but I would prefer to have them on whenever the screen is active. Perhaps when some enterprising soul(s) get the bootloader unlocked and custom ROMs start appearing...
    02-12-2012 06:09 PM